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How to do good and successful chips/fries business in Kenya


Date Posted: 1/15/2018 3:54:37 AM

Posted By: SARAHKARANU  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 12

Chips/fries is one of the common dishes that many people take either for lunch or for dinner. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is delicious if well made, it is relatively cheap as compared to other foods, it is attractive and appealing to the eyes and it is also easy and fast to prepare.

The following are tips on how to do a successful business in this area of fries that will attract a good number of customers where you will rarely count on losses.

1. Ensure you have good cooking equipment. This includes the deep frier, the potato cutter, the peelers, the ideal containers in which you will put your raw potatoes during preparation, the serving equipment such as serving scoopers , a warmer which keeps your cooked chips at the right temperature throughout and the packaging material.

2. You should ensure a constant supply of clean water. This will help you keep the environment within your business clean and at maximum hygienic standard.

3. Secure a reliable source of the raw materials. You can survey on the cheapest dealers of potatoes which could be the big markets that offer wholesale prices. Other materials like cooking oil, tomato sauce, chilli sauce, salt can be obtained from wholesale shops. Sometimes it is possible to make special arrangement with sellers of these commodities so as to have them delivered at your premises.

4. The fries must be well prepared. Too much oily fries can put off your customers very easily. This can be avoided by making sure that you give your fries enough time to cook in the hot oil to an extent of becoming slightly brown.

5. Make sure your premises is located at a densely populated area such as near a matatu stage, within a city/town centre, within a

market place or near an institution such as a school or health facility. Give a great look to your premises by doing things such as proper painting, doing graphics, tiling the floor, fitting the premises with modern furniture and adding soothing sounds such as cool music for your customers.

6. Employ workers who are competent in customer care skills. They should be welcoming to the customers, must observe personal and general hygiene, must be very sensitive to the needs of the customers and they must not cause delays as they serve your customers.

7. Ensure that you prepare varieties of accompanying snacks such as sausages, smokies, samosas, pies and other small bites which you are comfortable with.

8. Before starting your business, ensure you clear with the relevant authorities such as the local authority and the public health department.

9. And once you are up and running, manage your cash properly by ensuring that you give back to your business. This will ensure growth in the future.

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