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Project Proposal Writing Guide


Date Posted: 9/1/2018 3:09:59 AM

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Writing a project proposal

A project is a scheme or any part of a scheme for investing resources which can be reasonably analyzed and evaluated as an independent unit. Once a project has been identified, there is need to source for funds from donors, partners, organizations and collaborators. A document is usually prepared for the purpose of communication needs of the sponsor and which forms a basis upon which the potential sponsor decides whether or not they will fund the project.
A project proposal is a written description of a plan for investing the said resources or addressing a particular problem. It includes a summary, introduction, problem statement, objectives, implementation plan, monitoring and evaluation trends, budgeting, sustainability and appendix. It is written in order to:
? Systemize the plan of action
? Popularize the plan of action
? Mobilize funds
? Present an organization’s project in an orderly manner
What are some of the questions that you need to answer to help in writing a better proposal?
? What is proposed to be done?
? Why should it be done?
? When will it be done?
? How can it be done?
? Who will do it?
? What will it cost?
? Who will pay for it?
Some of the qualities of a good proposal include:
? Clean, systematic and in logical order
? Convincing
? Comprehensive
? Reliable
? Data based
? Realistic even in terms of budgeting
? Time
? Clear cut objectives and contributions to the society
Here’s what a good proposal should contain:
• Cover letter
• Title page
• Table of contents
• Executive summary
a. Introduction
b. Project context and justification
c. Statement of the problem
d. Objectives
e. Anticipated outcome and results
f. Implementation plan
g. Project evaluation
h. Budget
i. Reporting
j. Project sustainability
k. Appendices
(a) Cover letter
Serves as an introduction to the proposal. It could be addressed to a specific person. It should establish your need and credibility.
(b) Title page
Summarizes the project details. It should be short and able to capture the donor’s attention. Don’t make it too fancy or decorative and don’t put too many details in the title page.
(c) Executive summary
Tells more about the project. It should include: details and short description of the

organization making the request, project managers, project statement, objectives and total funds requested. It should be clear and interesting.
(d) Introduction
Gives a description of your organization’s ability to deal with the problem being addressed. This is where you establish credibility including professionalism and dependability.
(e) Project justification
Explain reasons behind the project describing history of the people and area, social- economic and health conditions and what has been your organization’s involvement in the region.
(f) Problem statement
Identify specific problem/s your project will be addressing. Give supporting evidence such as statistics and case studies.
(g) Objectives of the project
Identify the main purpose/s of the project. List clear and concise objectives/goals and the changes your organization aims to bring to the project.
(h) Strategies of achieving the objectives/ Implementation
Identify and list ways in which you plan to implement the project in order to achieve the set goals. Describe activities that will be undertaken including the duration of the project. Give an action plan. Present your project in stages/phases. Describe at each step the resources required and the technical assistance outputs.
(i) Expected results and outcomes
State what is to be expected at the end of the project cycle. It should be realistic.
(j) Monitoring
Explain how the project will be monitored. Give a follow up action plan for the event where a project does not meet the intended objectives due to unforeseen factors e.g. additional funding.
(k) Evaluation
The purpose is to determine how effective your organization has been in achieving the project objectives. The project should be evaluated at certain points of implementation and the final evaluation at the end of the project. Say how your project will be evaluated.
(l) Budgeting
It is necessary to provide a realistic and systematic breakdown of the various costs such as materials, salaries, equipment, transport, repairs e.t.c.
(m) Sustainability
Donors would like to know how the project will be continued once their grant is disbursed. Describe the financial, technical and managerial sustainability.
(n) Appendices
• There should be very few appendices not to turn away the sponsor
• Only very important information must be appended.
• Might include the time line of activities.

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