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Tips on how to get people to tell you about themselves


Date Posted: 8/2/2018 9:32:52 AM

Posted By: Faimus  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1012

Whenever we meet someone we would like to pursue a relationship with, be it a friendship or a romantic relationship, we always have to urge to know them better. However getting them to give us the information about themselves is not always a straightforward process. Here are a few tips on how to get people to tell you about themselves.

1. Ask them about themselves.
You can be straightforward with your partner or friend and ask them about themselves. This can turn out to be very fruitful. This is because some people are very open and they might give you the information you require if you just ask for it. On the other hand, the person you might be dealing with might be very closed and therefore might not give you the information and might find your inquisition intrusive. You therefore need to be aware of the character of the person you are in a relationship so that you don’t upset them.

2. Build of culture of trust
Trust is very important in any relationship. However getting a person to trust you is a long process that takes time . Trust can be developed in many different ways such as being honest with your partner and talking positively about them in their absence. On the other hand, trust can be lost within seconds. It is therefore important to make sure you maintain your partner’s trust if you have already earned it. If your partner trusts you then they will find it very easy to tell you about themselves. This is because they are sure that you will not misuse the information, give it to other people without their permission or in worse cases use the information to hurt them. However this depends on the amount of trust they have in you. If you are just

earning their trust, they may feel comfortable to give general information about themselves. On the other hand if they completely trust you then they may reveal to you personal details about themselves.

3. Give them information about yourself.
Telling people about yourself is one of the ways you can use to get them to tell you about themselves. You can just give basic information about yourself without going into details. You can also tell them some of your experiences such as your most embarrassing moment, a tour you took to a foreign country and so on. The information you should be giving out should generally depend on the stage of relationship. If you just met them it is best to be general but if you have known each other for quite some time then you can venture into somewhat personal information. This may in some cases prove ineffective since they are some people who are better listeners and may choose to listen to you without saying anything about themselves. Your expectations should also be realistic in that you should expect to be given the same kind of information you are giving out. That is if your information is general then expect general information in return and vice versa.

4. Spend more time with them.
Spending time with your partner is a sure way of getting to know your partner better. The reason we understand some of our family members so well is because we spend a lot of time with them. The same applies to all the other relationships. As you spend more time with your partner they will develop a familiarity with you and they will find it very easy to tell about themselves. Spending time with them will also help you to understand each other better and therefore develop trust in each other.

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