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What should dads do in raising up the boy child?


Date Posted: 2/25/2020 4:02:54 AM

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When it comes to raising boys, dad has one distinct advantage over mom: he knows where the son is coming from because of his gender. A mother can certainly help her son become a good man, but a father can actually show him what it means and this is so powerful. There are no specified or any manual for raising boy children but these methods can be helpful if tried.

Firstly, the father's presence is very vital during growth of the son. not just physically, but emotional and spiritual presence are also very valuable. During childhood, the child goes through a lot and needs help and the father having passed through that life understands what the child is going through. Therefore, the son needs his father's time and presence.

As a father, never stop teaching your son. Even as an adult, he can learn more things from his dad. the mode of teaching may change but you should never stop instilling lessons to your son. More so, as a father you should practice what you teach; if you say it then do it. This is because life lessons would be boring to the child without practicals. Practicing what you have taught breaks that monotony.
As a father, show him your faith. Show your son what you believe in and what you do not believe. Much like prayer, attending church, participate in church activities will make him understand the father's faith hence, he will emulate since he is comfortable.

"What we instill in our children will be the foundation upon which they build their future." (Steve Maraboli). Work hard and show them how to work hard. Without hard work, not much can be accomplished in life. As your son grows up knowing nothing can be achieved without hard work, it will definitely become

his habit to work hard. Therefore, fathers should instill this valuable lesson in their sons.

Encourage his dreams. Every boy child has a dream and as a father you should support and encourage them. Sometimes your encouragement can be the only thing your depends upon when the road to reaching his dreams gets hard. Encourage them to be greater than you and never fail to affirm him. Congratulate him, tell him you are proud of him. Make sure he knows that you are pleased and proud of him.
Teach your son empathy. When boys are able to understand how someone else feels, it makes them better friends now and later better husbands and dads in future. Empathy is a valuable social skill that helps you feel for others and prevents you from hurting others. In addition, instill respect for others. A boy who grows up listening to authority figures, obeying rules and interacting in caring manner learns a baseline of treating people with respect.

Be honest with your son. As a child one makes many mistakes and if not corrected he will not distinguish between the good and bad. Therefore, a father should be honest the son and correct the son whenever he goes wrong. The boy will grow up knowing the good and bad, hence, grow up in the right way. You should also correct your son showing him affection. Do not use hurtful ways or words that could hurt your son.
Avoid doing everything for him. Let your son also practice what you have taught him. They will have to learn to take care of themselves take their responsibilities as required. This will also instill self-discipline in them and they will become responsible people in future.

Lastly, teach your son the virtues; courage and perseverance. Tell him to stand by what he believes in and that he will go through a different situations in his life, some adverse and hard but through all he must stand firm as a man and he will overcome. That when going through this he should be patient and persevere.
In conclusion, the current society is full of different vies. Only those who were brought up in the right way will make it in this challenging society, thus, all dads to raise up their sons to become perfect leaders and fathers of the future.

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