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Challenges faced by university students in Kenya and their solution


Date Posted: 3/10/2020 11:18:47 PM

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Being a student at the university is great experience for some. The memories of good times one had are worth of remembrance. However, there are ups and downs as well. The university accommodates students from all walks of life. Therefore, each student's personal situation is different from the rest. However, there are some challenges which at least every student encounters at one time or the other. For one preparing to join a higher institution of learning, these ideas will give you a tip of how to face the challenges and be better prepared.


Problem: Struggles in paying tuition fees can be a nightmare for most students. This affects mostly students raised up from humble backgrounds. The extreme case is experienced by those in self-sponsored program. As a result, most students end up taking academic leaves or dropping out of school. Another challenge experienced is meeting of basic wants. High cost of livelihood experienced in our country in recent years adds more to the burden.
Solution: Acquiring a student helb loan can be of great advantage. The loan facilitates easy payment of school fees and possibly the remainder can be channeled off to meet some basic utilities.

Problem: University studies are not a walk in the park. Perhaps the exception would only be for the genius. The effort required to keep up with academic work is more compared to that at high school level. Most universities have a two semester program in each academic year. Others have a total of three semesters. The minimum number of units covered in each academic year ranges from 10 to 15. At times it becomes difficult for a student to stay in the game.

Solution: The most reasonable thing to do is apply for a course you are passionate to undertake. This motivates you to

work harder even in tough moments. Also, cultivate the discipline of good time management. Come up with a time schedule that gives more credit to your academic work.


Problem: To coup with the high cost of livelihood, most students end up seeking employment while at school. The jobs available are not professional in nature. This means there are poor working conditions which puts the health of students at risk. Also, a student is forced to balance in between academic and social work. All this leads to increased stress levels and shortness of time of sleep.
Solution: Get a job only if that is the only solution available. Do not tie yourself up with a job if you really are not in a financial crisis. Also, look for a favorable job which enhances an increment in your skills. Try your best to create enough time to focus on your academic development while working.


Problem: This is a situation whereby students miss to be united with their loved ones back at home. The challenge is even so magnified in the case of students who study in far off places. Some end up in depression. They tend to view school as a punishment rather than an opportunity to enhance their academic growth.
Solution: For those who study close to home environs, make it a regular habit to visit home from time to time. However, in the case of those who study in long distance places, here are some good tips to try. First, keep contacting your family members through frequent calls and sending whatsapp text messages. Also, plan on making a home visit at least twice in a semester.


Problem: The issue of disease outbreak tends to emerge whenever there are large crowd gatherings. Also, the fact that some students do not get enough sleep as discussed earlier adds more to the crisis. There is also a notable increase in spread of sexually transmitted infections as a result of moral degradation phenomenon most common to campus and college students.
Solution: Ensure that you get a regular health checkup to keep you updated on your progressive health condition. Secondly, eat a well-balanced diet while ensuring that you are getting good sleep. Lastly, keep off from friends of bad company. This will lower your chances of contacting any STDs.


Problem: Being in a relationship can be cool and problematic at the same time. Disagreements will arise from time to time. This requires mature approach to issues under concern. However, the extreme end tends to result in distraction from school work and increase in stress levels. Also, frequent experience in break-ups leaves some students in limbo resulting in prolonged depression:
Solution: Get into a relationship when fully ready and with a reasonable person. In case of misunderstandings, try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If however, the end result is a break-up, ask for help. Consult a school counselor to help give you accompaniment through the experience.


Problem: It is not all students who take up the mantle to embark in studies and mind their own lives. There are those who become a pain in the back for others. These are those who form gangstar groups to disrupt the peace of well minded students. As result, theft cases become a time to time occurrence. It even becomes quite hard for law enforcement personnel to keep their track since they hide behind the hood of being students.
Solution: Make sure that you make good friends who can give you support and protection. Also, try not to visit crime related areas at school and inform security guards in case of any suspicious activity or people that come to your attention.


University life has its ups and downs. However, the life is worth giving it a shot. There are plenty of opportunities available for people with a graduate certificate. You will have plenty of enjoyable memory experiences with your friends in the times you spend together. A good look at the solutions to challenges mentioned above will bring a light as to how to go through several challenges and make it successfully.

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