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Scoring Good Grades in Secondary School


Date Posted: 9/17/2018 12:34:07 PM

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Scoring Good Grades in Secondary School

Passing your secondary education brings satisfaction and opens the door for further education and a good career in future. So it is very important that you work hard to ensure this success. Below are some tips that will help you in achieving your academic goals.
Time management
Time waits for no man, a saying that stands to be always true. You need to manage your time effectively in order study well. Making a personal timetable will help you in utilizing the time you are given in school. The school timetable will only cater for the time that the teacher will interact with you, the learner.

So your timetable should basically cover the evening and morning prep periods, not forgetting the weekends. In your timetable, give equal time for the subjects that you study. Do not allocate more time for your favorite subject(s). Instead, use the free lessons for such subjects that you feel needs more attention – this includes the subjects you performed lower than your target in the previous term. You should not interfere with the time scheduled for breaks in the school timetable, this includes the tea break, lunch break, and the games break. These breaks give you a chance to relax your mind and get ready for the next lesson. The games break is a good opportunity for exercise. After sitting in class for most of the day, your body will tend to get tired. Doing exercise will cheer up your body muscles and remove the tiredness. Involving yourself in a vigorous activity also improves your cardiac activity, hence preventing hypertension, it kills excess calories and burns up excess fat in the body.
Another aspect of time management is the school bell. You should learn to always obey the school bell because it is your guide

in the daily school activities. When the bell rings to end up break time, be it just a short break, tea break or lunch break, quickly get to class and settle in for the upcoming lesson. This will allow you to avail your books, pen and the needed text books for the lesson in time and avoid the last minute rush when the teacher enters the class room.
For the day scholars, you should create your own prep time at home. By this I mean planning your time in a way that will allow you to study while at home; before sleep and at dawn.

1. Attitude
When I say attitude, I mean the kind of attitude that you have towards your teachers, the subjects taught and your fellow students. The attitude you direct towards these parties will affect your performance either positively or negatively, depending on how you choose to consider them.
Developing a negative attitude towards your teacher will only bring harm to you. You will end up disliking the particular teacher. This will lead you to lower your class participation, you will cease asking for clarification on concepts not well taken in and you will start avoiding to answer questions asked by the teacher during the lesson.
With the right attitude towards the individual subjects, you will be motivated to study the subjects and take part in active learning in the classroom. Liking or loving a subject will make you want to study it very often. This also applies to your teachers. You won’t get much from a teacher you dislike. This is a fact. You will tend to draw yourself away from the class since you don’t want to hear the teacher’s voice or even just to see the teacher in class.

2. Company
The company a student keeps at school will influence the particular student’s behavior. Therefore it is advisable to choose friends wisely. Friends who will encourage you to study, friends who will impact good morals and not friends who will lead you into trouble with your teachers and performing lower than your potential.

3. Discipline
In school, there are rules which guides both the students and teachers into peaceful co-existence. In order to benefit most from the facilities, opportunities and privileges the school provides, discipline is key. By following the school rules and regulations to the letter, you will establish a good student-teacher relation, this creates a good learning environment.

4. Active participation in class
You should be active during all lessons in order to benefit more from your teacher. You can do this by answering questions, seeking clarification on points not well understood and by taking notes.

4. Organization
Organization is one key thing that we normally overlook in our day to day activities in the school. Being organized involves doing things in a good order; studying, doing the class assignments and revising for your examinations. Your books should be arranged inside your locker in a way that will enable you to get any book at the time of need. This will also ensure that your books do not get torn or worn out easily thus improves their durability, which is important since you will need your notes throughout your secondary school life.

5. Good revision techniques
When revising, you should do so in a way that will allow you to retain more information to be able to answer the exam questions and apply them in day to day life. Some educational platforms like Tutorke have high quality content in form of short videos which can guide you when revising.

6. Avoid cramming
Cramming is not a good way of revising for your examinations. This is because it will lead to brain exhaustion because you will be forcing the brain to retain so much information in a very limited time. Students resort to cramming when they realize that the examinations are due yet they have not revised adequately. Another disadvantage of cramming is that you will forget almost everything at the smallest distraction. This mostly happens when you overhear a fellow student talking about a concept which you realize that you have not read about, and during that time you are told to put away your books and get ready for the exam. In the process of thinking about the concept you overheard you will possibly forget about what you crammed and this is when you tense up and think that you have already failed. Another example is remembering only half an answer to a given question. For these reasons, you should avoid cramming, especially in the last minutes to the exam, even if it is a CAT.

7. Do not cheat
Cheating in exams will only do you harm. You will be getting false examination results. Cheating also reduces the belief in oneself, thus reduces confidence. You should work hard and know your potential and improve your performance progressively.

8. Revise past papers
This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the way the questions are set and also know what to expect in the exam.

9. Complete all the assignments in time
Some of the exam questions come from the assignments that your teacher gives in the class. You should make sure that you complete them all and that they are checked by the teacher. Consider also all the contents that the teacher puts emphasis on during the lessons. When a teacher stresses on something, it is a sign that that particular concept is very important and might end up in the examination papers.
Consult your teacher on topics you do not understand well to improve mastery of the subject content.
Keep track of your performance to know how you are progressing in terms of drops and improvement. You will then be able to identify the subjects in which you are faring on well and those that need more attention.

10. Set goals for each term and achieve them
As you progress, each term brings with it new experiences in terms of knowledge and activities in the school. You, as the student, should prepare well to face the new term and complete it with satisfaction. Have a set of goals which will guide you through the term. Having goals is important because these goals gives you a purpose to study and utilize the school academic resources effectively. Achieving them will encourage you to aim even higher.

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