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How to prepare well for exams for excellent grades.


Date Posted: 3/12/2019 7:10:31 AM

Posted By: Belan  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 202

Education has never been easy to attain.It needs a great deal of personal commitment and sacrifice. It has its twists and turns and one should be bold enough to finish it in order to have a good future and career.

Most of the students hate exams however an exam is just a way to prove one's academic worth.Its the finish line of academic journey. One has to adequately prepare well for an exam,since you can only reap what you sow.In exams,a great deal of discipline should be put into consideration.Well,here are some of the do's and don'ts when preparing for exam:

-Change your attitude and embrace a positive attitude since you will enjoy reviewing the exam.
-Set what grades you want to achieve in each subject and in the overall exam.
-Finish reviewing atleast one week to exams only focusing on the big picture and then to specifics.
-Sort yourself out in the laboratory just to ensure that you can perfectly handle the equipment.
-Seek assistant and support from discussion groups and from teachers in areas that you don't understand.
-Adjust your timetable having the exam schedule in mind.
-Test yourself in the remaining days before exam by reviewing sample papers and marking for yourself as well as timing yourself.
-Relax and do light exercises to reduce tension.

-Avoid fear as much as possible as it only leads to failure.
-Do not cram but only seek to understand.
-Dont concentrate on your weaknesses.
-Keep away from indiscipline cases as this will allow you to concentrate your energies to reviewing.

-Have your materials and apparatus set.
-Arrive early at the exam room.
-Have a watch for keeping time.
-Be relaxed and calm.
-Reassure yourself.Be positive.
-Sit comfortably.
-Read the instructions carefully.
-Be neat and organized on your paper.
-Attempt the easy questions first and leave the tough ones for reviewing at the end.
-Proofread your

work always.

-Don't attempt cheating by sneaking with notes in the exam room.This can lead to disqualification.
-Avoid any discussions or reading an hour before the paper.
-Don't worry on what you don't know or didn't read.Focus on what you know.
-Avoid panicking.
-Read and understand the questions well.

-Forget about the done exam and concentrate on the coming ones.
-Do not engage in any past paper discussion as this will only discourage you once you come across a question that you missed.
-Do not concentrate on what you might attain or not.
-Take a few minutes,before you start reviewing for the next paper.

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