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Challenges Affecting Africa Today


Date Posted: 3/5/2019 7:18:04 AM

Posted By: GITARI MITHAMO  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 68


Africa is going through myriad challenges that requires to be addressed immediately.Although most of the African nations places the challenges that are facing them to the colonial masters,most of these challenges are caused by the African themselves.Issues of corruption were not brought by the Europeans but came from the Africans themselves .Some of the challenges that are affecting African countries today includes the following;


This is one the greatest challenge that is affecting African countries. There so many cases of corruption in African nations. taking away public resources has become very common.lack of stringent laws to fight corruption has created a path for government officers to steal the public funds .This has caused stagnation of the public projects hence causing low economic growth with in the African countries. the government should therefore look forward at fighting corruption in the best way as they can.This will facilitate economic development in the country.


This is another challenge that is facing Africa today is many African nations relies on foreign aids from their colonial masters others borrows money from other European countries which comes with the string attached.By that i mean that there European nations have put laws concerning borrowing of money and therefore they benefits more than the borrowers. A real example is what is happening in Kenya today where after the Kenyan government borrowed a loan from china for the construction of the standard railway gauge, the train is controlled by the Chinese. the question is ,are there no trained personnel who can control the train?. why Chinese.Africa has so many minerals which lay untapped and if the African nations can realize this and exploit these minerals fully then this issue of neo-colonialism would be a vocabulary in Africa.

Lack of infrastructure.

Low economic growth has caused poor infrastructure in most of the African countries.lack

of good roads has affected the economy of the African nations since trade cannot be carried out at a low cost.the government should utilize the available resources and use the build good roads hospitals schools and factories this will improve the economy of the African continent.


Corruption is the cause of poverty in many African nations. The resources which could be used for development projects ends up in the pockets of individuals. this has caused persistent poverty among many Africans today.therefore the African government should look forward at improving the lives of their citizens so as to their standards of living.


This is very common in youths where most of the youths are lacking employment even when they have gone to various training institutions. this has increased crime activities specially in the urban centers thereby affecting the security pf the country.


It is very common in Africa. Terrorism has created a sense of fear among the Africans and this has lowered the economic developments in Africa. Examples of a terrorist group in Africa is the Boko Haram and Al Shaabab.


The African government should look forward at eradicating the above discussed challenges for proper development of Africa.

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