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How to get an industrial attachment in Kenya


Date Posted: 3/12/2019 2:44:43 AM

Posted By: Jayne Wathira  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 137

In most colleges and universities in Kenya, it is a requirement that you undertake an attachment during your course period. In some schools or certain courses, it is, however, optional but it is definitely worth taking part in because of the experience that you will gain, which will be essential in your CV when you graduate. Actually, if you can take industrial attachments during all your long holidays, you would be in a better position to actually get a job after graduation, because of the experience that you will have gained and the networking you will do during that period. There are various ways in which you could get an industrial attachment in Kenya.

One way to get an attachment is by cold calling. This is when a student identifies companies that they would like to work for and go ahead and visit them while making the ask. You might get an interview right away or be told to leave your documents for consideration. For this reason, it is important for you to identify a number of companies so that if one doesn't work, you still have options. It is also recommended that you start this process early enough, about two months earlier, so that when your semester is over you already know where you are going to be working as an attachee.

In today's world networks are proving to be essential hence you could also ask someone you know to refer you to a certain company. It could be your parents, Lecturers, friends or anyone who could possibly have a helpful link.

Another way to go about it is by using placement programs such as NITA. NITA is a registered training authority in Kenya and they have an industrial attachment program that aims at helping students of all professions and schools

get industrial attachments with ease. This program is really effective and the staff there are very friendly. The process of the program is however constantly reviewed for enhancement hence it would be advisable to visit their website under the industrial attachment program section and check the process for yourself. This will also let you know the documents required for the process.

The current process for applying through NITA is that you have to visit their website and create an account online, which is very simple, then go ahead and fill a form after logging into your account. You then await confirmation and visit their offices after this, with your documents and a list of companies that you would like to be posted to. It is recommended that you start the process earlier too, to allow the NITA officers enough time to get you the opportunities.

Another tip when looking for industrial attachment is to select those companies that are near your home or somewhere you can get affordable accommodation because most attachment programs are not compensated for financially.

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