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How to Become an Auditor in Kenya


Date Posted: 9/30/2019 2:41:14 AM

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An auditor is a person who has been trained and certified by a certain regulatory authority to examine accounts, vouchers and statutory records to ascertain whether finances are handled with accuracy and transparency.

There are 2 types of auditors;

i. Internal auditors -These are financial professionals employed by the organization they audit. They mostly work for government agencies and non-profit organizations.
ii. External auditors -These are auditors engaged by independent organizations to express their opinion on whether the organization’s financial statements are free from fraud or errors.

Steps of becoming an auditor

i. Education background
To start a journey towards becoming an auditor in Kenya you ought to score good grades in your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education- KCSE in order to secure one of the courses that lead to this career.

These courses include; Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance with a concentration in auditing which take four years.
You can also further in Masters of Business Administration or Master of Science in Accounting for two years.
ii. Training
To practice as an auditor, you should have a practising certificate awarded by the registration of Accountants Board. This may help you in your career advancement as well as guarantee you an exceptional level of competence.
Such a certificate is awarded when one becomes a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants and must have passed the accountant’s examination.
It is important to undertake an internship as this makes one more competitive in the market place.

Skills desired:
An auditor is expected to have knowledge in; quality assurance, compliance, internal and external auditing procedures, internal control, audit disciplines, organizational skills, analytical thinking, MS Excel among the other computer applications, interpersonal skills, teamwork, learning aptitude, honesty and accountability.

Some of the organization you should try out once you graduate are; Safaricom, KPLC, Deloitte, PWC Earnest & Young, KPMG, PKF and many top audit and

accounting companies.

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