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How to Become an Engineer in Kenya


Date Posted: 10/2/2019 7:59:15 AM

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In this article you will find out how to become an engineer, the skills needed, the courses you are expected to pursue, job opportunities and much more.

Engineers are professionals who have gone through training on how to invent, design and test machines, structures, systems ensuring that they fulfill the required objectives.
These professionals uses Maths, technology and science to solve out arising problems.

Steps of becoming an Engineer

A. Education
Engineering offers a great range of specifications especially when you are embarking on your first degree or planning to specialize in your Masters or even PhD.
These specifications are;
i. Aeronautical engineering
An aeronautical engineering degree takes 5 years. To qualify for this career, you are expected to be smart in mathematics and physics.
ii. Civil engineering
To qualify for this career, you should have scored A’s in your KCSE. Applicants can be chosen from related subjects or any other subject.
iii. Computer engineering
This career expects candidates to have cluster of C+ and above in each of these subjects mathematics, chemistry and physics.
iv. Software engineering/web design
Advancement in technology has created internet and mobile application careers. Successful candidates are able to design websites for different companies and solve out software related hitches.

v. Electrical Engineering
To pursue this career, you should be highly competent in sciences and mathematics. With the advancement in technology and increase in the number of different electronic appliances, electrical engineers are highly needed.

vi. Structural engineering/ architecture

This has been one of the marketable engineering course in the recent past due to the massive growth of real estate.
The know the accredited engineering courses in Kenyan universities, find them out in the Engineers Board of Kenya- EBK website (
B. How To Register As An Engineer In Kenya
To register as a Kenyan engineer, you ought to have successfully completely any of the engineering courses accredited by the EBK.
To register, follow the steps;
i. Open the

EBK website and fill the application form
ii. Attach your credentials including your Degree certificate, any other relevant certificates, KCSE certificate, two colored passports and your ID.
iii. Pay a processing fee of Ksh1,000
iv. Forward your bank slip and application to the customer’s desk in Engineers Board.
v. After this, you will be issued with a letter showing that you have applied as a graduate engineer and your application under review.
vi. Once the Board members go through your application, they will sent a letter to show whether your application is approved or rejected.
vii. If you are approved, you will be issued with a Registration certificate.
viii. After three years of experience as a graduate engineer, you will qualify to be professional engineer though you will have apply.

Skills That Engineer Should Possess

To qualify for an engineering job position, you should be conversant with statistics, project management, computer skills, attention to detail, analytical skills, technical skills, problem solving, and good communication skills among others.

Job Opportunities

Engineers have a wide range of industries t work for. Some of them are; Kenya Airways, KETRACO, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, Total Kenya, KenGen, KPLC, Toyota, Bamburi Cement, Ministry of Enegy, different departments in the national and county governments.
The salary ranges from Sh 50,000- 150,000 or more per month depending on the level of experience and the company worked for.

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