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What entails good information


Date Posted: 9/25/2013 7:33:08 AM

Posted By: Antonnin  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 90

When delivering any information,there various things that can make the information more useful especially when using it to make some decisions in life.Such characteristics.

1.It should be understandable.
In this case use the simple and the commonly used terms and symbols so that people encoding the information can easily get what you are communicating.In some cases a person may use some complex terms depending on the field he or she works and to whom the information is being passed to,for example if you are passing information to the lawyer you may use some terms used in law for understandability but any information to the public,simple terms should be used.

2.Relevance of the information.
For information to be more relevant, it should at leased make a difference to the person using the information.It should at leased cover both the present and future expectations if possible.The present states what is happening now while future one describes what might happen in some days to come.

3.It should be fully disclosed.
All required information should be included covering all the details that may be needed by the person using it.avoid using symbols,shortening words such as etc,e.g and many others.In the cases you are forced to use them,ensure that you give a brief explanation on it or go further to give the meanings of symbols used.

4.The information should faithfully represented.
By this i mean that the information delivered should be free from bias. For example when delivering information in advertisements the real sense or look of the products should be described and not adding other information that do not match the products,the reason being that such information will mislead the users of that particular product or service.

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