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Let us not only be united by tragedies


Date Posted: 9/26/2013 12:05:00 AM

Posted By: Abudennis  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 840

On the 27th of July in the year 2011, an initiative dubbed The Kenyans for Kenya was launched on. This was an initiative that was spearheaded by Safaricom Foundation, in conjunction with the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), the Media Owners Association (MOA) and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS). The group’s aim was to mobilize corporate, societies and members of the public to raise not less than Ksh 500 million within a time frame of 4 weeks. All funds collected from the exercise were to be geared towards a relief for 3 million Kenyans who had been faced by starvation in mostly Northern parts of Kenya. Kenyans came out in large numbers to respond to the call. The initiative reached its target. Food stuffs and water were bought and released on phases, which helped many Kenyans experience love from their fellow country men and women. This was a good show to the whole that Kenya is not only a single unit, made up of people of different cultures, but a single unit united by people of a common belief.

Recently, on the 21st of September 26, 2013 there was a terror attack which claimed the lives of innocent Kenyans and people of different nationalities in a famous shopping mall; Westgate in the country’s capital, Nairobi. This was the second most destructive attack terrorist attack in the country after the year 1998 American Embassy attack that claimed more than 200 lives.

Safaricom Foundation, being a social corporate and mobile service provider, together with Airtel Kenya both came up with mobile phone service numbers that Kenyans and people of all nationalities would use to donate funds of whatever amount through the M-pesa and Airtel Money respectively. The two mobile service providers in conjunction with the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) targeted Ksh 60 milllion to

help the victims of the Westgate siege. Kenyans and foreign nationalities responded again in a boom and within three days of the exercise, the amount had been met. Others, including political leaders donated blood to be used for patients who were undergoing surgical operations due to injuries succumbed by the attack. Many bought food stuffs too, out of the great love they all had for the victims of the unethical, ungodly and coward attack.

These have been two great instances where Kenyans have shown that this nation is one and any citizen in it can stand for the other in times of need. Many citizens especially in the urban centres live in rental houses and apartments. There is no single of such apartments that take in people of a single tribe or religion and locking out the rest. If so there is any; it is doing so against the rights and privileges of an individual.
Kenyans have to embrace this natural and pleasing love they have during times of tragedies, and carry it on even during campaign and electoral seasons. Anyone vying for a leadership position should not rely on his or her tribal influence and with the issue of ‘tyranny of numbers.’ A candidate should be judged on who he is, what he has for a nation so loved by its citizens and not by what ethnic background he has. With such; we should not have had the Post Election Violence (PEV) in early 2008 that left close to 1,300 people dead and more than 500,000 others being called internally Displaced People (IDPs) in their own motherland.

After all we never know. This person you might be using abusive and unpleasant words on during an election period has your blood flowing in him or her that you donated during a tragic moment. He or she fed on the little money you donated, and that is why he or she is still breathing, out of the dear love you once had for him or her. Do not kill the love. We Are One.

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