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Kenyan poor grades not a guarantee to failure in life


Date Posted: 3/29/2017 11:55:33 AM

Posted By: jeangeorge  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 312

Forget the grades and move on

So is this why everyone wants to be famous and have it all to themselves? Kudos to those who have made it but that is not my interest, I want you to get it from me:Those who make it in life never have it straight. Life has never been a bed of roses, if you ask me. So if you never got it right in an exam or two it does not imply you will fail in life. No pun intended, I know of people in life who worked hard so much in life and at the end of the day have lost their treasures to alcohol or prostitution or just things not worth mentioning.Without referring to the prodigal son, take for example geniuses that excels so well in Kenya Certificate of Primary Exam then Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exam and manages to land a dignified job.This well deserved job is lost to alcohol then the gentleman loses his grip and cannot sustain the recess.The individual goes insane and dies a geek depraved of all the joys of this earth.

That should tell you that life came earlier than education itself.First things first ,I won't talk about grades,they can be annoying yet they can be bought.I want to talk to an individual that thinks that his life is determined by what he scored in exams,ladies are better placed than gentlemen in this case since they get backups from men.Men,let me talk to you.Let us assume this is a boardroom talk inside my sanctum,labeled confidential. I want to talk to someone, perhaps someone who does not want to listen at the moment.I know you have heard a lot of platitudes in the past praising Education and the goodies that come with good grades in exam such

as 'Education is the Key to success.' Have you heard that the fruits of education are sweet but the roots are bitter? These verities together with more others have driven people crazy to the extent one is ready to disappear in thin air if he fails in an exam; am using he because I never heard of a lady who has committed suicide due to poor performance in exams.Men actually do,not knowing that life is as old as the sun while education as old as some of our gogos'' alive.Parents spend huge amounts of money taking their children to school.They,our parents,go extra-miles to deny themselves basics such as food and clothing just to take their young ones to school albeit the hard economic times where we live from hand to mouth . These coupled with other factors have highly contributed to about everyone assuming that without education we are doomed. This could be true,but not yet.No one born on earth ever wants to be a loser.No one wants to be associated with failure.Forgive me for saying that but we all want to be whizzes though we know well that it is never guaranteed, am saying this because every individual I meet always wants to prove that he is the one that deserves to be the best in what they do.What if the contrary happens? What if we do not meteorically become rich? Time for a reality check has come.

Impostor have used this to their advantage and sold fake degrees to desperate individuals, a clear indicator education is going down the tubes.What a lucrative business! Though we should tell these individuals that good-grades is not a prerequisite to success but hard work is.When God created man,He never told him to go school,did he? But after man sinned he was told to work hard to receive his goblets.That is meant for religious people and since this is 2017 you should avoid all these plaudits toward good grades and embrace hard work.

Barrack Obama went to Harvard to become the President of America,the first black; George Bush junior also went to Harvard to become the forty-third president of the United State of America.I don't know much ado about Trump because I have never read any book he has written or written about him but from the few articles I have come across that have enabled me to spell his name right-The guy is learned and affluent. Ask him where he went to school.Probably he also attended the best learning institution in the world just like his sons.Daniel Moi, the second and longest serving president of Kenya never attended any University but he was a chancellor to a good number of universities back then when a President was an automatic head of universities in Kenya.Still he is the longest ever serving president of Kenya.Times have changed,right as we speak he can not be elected not even be suitable candidate in the gubernatorial race of any of the forty-two counties in Kenya. I am not interested in books or presidents,all-in-all politics is a totally different realm,the point I would like to drive home is that -YOU AND I DON'T NEED GOOD GRADES in exams in order be better placed in life.To the fragile girls that can not stand the pun that comes with poor grades,get it to your head that some of the worst behaved drunks are the most learned.Lawyers, doctors and Engineers that scored good grades beyond reproach in school. So you wonder when or where the rain started beating us.Someone scored good grades, got good jobs,drove Porsche cars and lost it to bevvies. He loses his mind and scrambles for space in our one-and-only Mathare mental school for the mentally handicapped. Get a grip my friend, I want you to employ these persons that can excel in exams but can not adhere their lives together.Ask me how next time we meet and I will tell prove you am not talking the talk for personal aggrandizement.

I would not recommend you read the book Why C students rule over A students because this can lead to a whole paradigm shift in your thoughts about education. Read it if you want but do not charge me with proselytism. I personally believe education makes useful men out of ordinary boys.Moreover, I know education has done a lot to humanity over time,just that I appreciate the literacy that comes with going to school than the grades we get from school.

If I had the magical powers to separate my academic papers I got from school the literacy I gained from school,I would take the knowledge I attained and dump my papers in the trash bin behind my school dining hall.Am saying this because I want you to understand that there is a wide repoitre of knowledge gained in school that you don't find necessary peremptorily but are mere application. Neither are they meant for exams.For instance, Biology insists that the fittest survive and the fastest live,then the Swahili I learnt from pre-primary school would benefit another individual than it did to me, hate aside,so far it never helped me.Moreover, I never fancied Chemistry as a subject. I loathed the subject to the extent of hating all the Chemistry teachers in my school, my school principal who never taught me included. Oh school! I was very good in humanities as well as English;Mathematics was a subject like any other where I approached A students to tutor me on topics I was not conversant with and I still use the skill to count my words in articles though.Did I talk about grades?What about you?Did you know that grades can be bought? I do not know where to buy grades yet,if I did,I would score excellent in Mathematics so we are in the same boat sailing in different directions.

Let me talk to you,am adopting a conversational tone so that am far from proselytizing. You who attended thousands of classes, more than a hundred thousand lessons summarized by two exams:KCSE and KCPE. Do not give up your years of toil to two mere papers. Let me tell you provided you attended these classes and did your best,you are on the right track.Use the knowledge and dismiss the papers.I will not tell you how to use the grades,everyone around you has them. Again the knowledge I gained from Otieno Oyoo Secondary school is very different from what you got at Alliance High or Maseno school. As we talk my papers from the University of Nairobi can not land me a job but am earning from the far fetched knowledge. I plan to retrieve my grades later from the attic of my brother's house print them on a clean white shirt and match to town if it will bring a difference.

Just so you know,Education is as old as as Christianity in Africa, grades are as new as independence in our vocabulary, and papers are as young as roads.In fact we have more roads than educated individuals in Africa.

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