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The Importance of Hardship


Date Posted: 10/29/2017 7:29:15 AM

Posted By: Alambi  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2017

Importance of Hardship
Everyone is bound to encounter ups and downs in life. When things get challenging, a lot of us go into self-pity and blame others. When we do this, we fail to survive challenging situations and also affect our health. It is only when we learn to tackle our problems courageously that we can succeed.

We should know that hardship is a natural and necessary part of growing up. Going through difficult situations is a good thing for it assists us in realizing our weaknesses so as to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

As a result, it is better to go through hardships sooner than later so that we experience less hurt/loss. When we're older, it is more challenging to distort our character, therefore it usually takes more time and effort to rediscover and readjust ourselves.

When challenges come, we should have patience and understand that success needs time and patience. 'Haste makes waste'. It is very wrong to look for immediate success quickly.
When you're going through failure, other people who are higher than you may only see your weak points instead of your potential. As a result, they do not allow you to do important tasks and you feel neglected. Furthermore, some of your workmates may look down on you. During such a time, it is useless to express your strengths/abilities because no one has trust in you: the best way is to keep silent and work on your strengths.
The ability to have endurance during tough times is what separates successful people from those who are unsuccessful.

We should understand that every one of us is unique with special strengths and abilities. For example, each teacher has his/her own character that determines how he/she will teach. Please remember to avoid imitating other people for their is no right or wrong way to

do something, e.g teaching, the one that suits you is often the best. Each one of us should be confident and strongly believe that we will be successful as long as we build on our strengths and be outgoing.

Finally, always know that experiencing hardship is a natural and great thing. To achieve success takes time and a lot of patience. Always have confidence and perseverance so as to succeed.

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