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Kenya Should Adopt Use Of Renewable Sources Of Energy


Date Posted: 4/10/2017 5:42:00 AM

Posted By: iann  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1081

Energy plays the central role in Kenyan economy and over many years, Kenya has mainly relied on fossil fuels which are cheap and most prevalent. There are two types of energy sources: renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Non-renewable energy sources get depleted over time, that is, they can not be renewed or recycled once used. Fossil fuels are categorized as non-renewable sources of energy, others include coal, natural gas and uranium.

Renewable energy sources are these energy sources of energy that will never be depleted with time. Some of them include wind, water, solar energy (sun) among others. Renewable sources of energy are also readily available and safe to the environment, they do not bring about environmental pollution.

Fossil fuels are put through a process called combustion in order to produce energy. Through this combustion harmful gases are released to the environment such as carbon monoxide, lead and sulfur dioxide, which are the main contributors to air pollution which leads to acid rain and global warming. Replacement of these non-renewable energy sources with will ensure safer environment free from air pollution.

Due to modernization, many industries have come up but most of these industries use non-renewable energy sources to run machines. Theses machines after combustion end up releasing harmful wastes in rivers and in air. Using wind or water to run turbines or these machines can be safe since no waste will be released to the environment. Industries should also adopt use of electric driven machines which do not pollute the environment.

Non-renewable sources of energy are not readily available hence need exploitation and mining or importing which is a costly activity to the government. To reduce this government expenditure the government should instead ignite the use of renewable sources of energy since they are cheap and available. Solar

energy to be used to generate electricity and heat both for domestic and industrial use. Exploitation and transportation of non-renewable energy occasionally leads to accidents and spills which is an environmental headache.

The government should also encourage the use of biomass energy such as bio-gas at our homes instead of firewood, charcoal, kerosene or coal. Biomass is less harmful as it comes from decaying matter which is safe for the environment and living organisms. The use of firewood and charcoal leads to deforestation which is an environmental hazard as it leads to global warming since trees are used to absorb carbon dioxide, which is referred to as a greenhouse gas as it is one of the causes of global warming.

Industries that use coal as a source of heating should prefer using geothermal energy or electricity because it is cheaper and easier to acquire electricity compared to coal. Coal also pollutes the environment. The government should also come up with machines like electric cars, solar driven machines. This is to ensure safe environment for its citizens and reduction of expenditure of mining or importing non-renewable energy sources.

Every citizen should be educated on the importance of adopting the use of renewable energy sources and how to conserve the environment. The government should also create forums to educate its citizens on the importance of the renewable energy sources. This will ensure that its citizens live in healthier environments at cheaper costs. The government should come up with different ways of using non-renewable energy to lessen ( if not eliminate) our dependence on fossil fuels which are mostly used.

In conclusion, we must understand how energy is very important and in our modern life we can not do without energy, as without energy there is no life. As for some harmful energy sources then we have to find and start looking for alternative energy sources which are clean and non harmful, we should also start to depend on renewable energy sources as we know that they will not be all depleted in the future.

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