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The messy office desk: lesser known facts


Date Posted: 10/26/2017 3:28:22 PM

Posted By: Chiry  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 297

Coffee spills, dirty utensils, scattered papers, everything in complete disarray. If this describes your working table, you must be familiar with those judgmental looks from your coworkers. Your chaotic table gives them a negative impression about you, which may be totally inaccurate sometimes. This may be driven by the societal stereotype that messy people are very unproductive. Their disheveled spaces are considered a hallmark of laziness.

However, research has provided a significant correlation between chaotic offices and genius minds. It has been established that most geniuses work under complete messes, but their productivity sells more than that of their organized counterparts. They spend most of their time worrying about bigger things than spills on the table. Legendary geniuses like Albert Einstein are said to have had very messy offices, but that’s definitely not tagged along with their stories.

Orderliness and neatness are often believed to be equally translated into other spheres of our lives besides the working table. This is why most relatively disorganized people will go out of their way to put some order on their working spaces. The research about geniuses and chaotic offices is definitely some good news for the messy buddies. It turns out you can just work at your own comfortable mess and still be super productive. However, being messy does not automatically mean you are a genius. It’s actually very possible to be ridiculously messy and still be terminally unproductive. Maybe the judgmental looks are after all accurate.

A messy life as a kid would automatically spell trouble. Messes had no place in our childhood and our upbringing made that clear. It is still the worst way of proving your productivity to your boss. It’s the first thing that an impression can be drawn from, so it actually deserves some attention. Having a client on a messy

office is the last thing you want. Like everyone else, they strongly associate orderliness with productivity.

But just to avoid being on the extreme ends of the spectrum, maybe the real argument should be on the level of ‘messy’ that should be acceptable. A little spill doesn’t hurt right? However, sparing a little bit of your time as you start your day to update your working space won’t mess up your day’s schedule. This should just be for the good of everyone, especially junior employees in the pursuit of a certain level of excellence in their productivity.

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