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Force can get things done faster


Date Posted: 7/3/2014 7:57:09 AM

Posted By: Razen  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3454

Whenever the word force is mentioned, some people tend to think of people like Adolph Hitler, things like damage, in general, terrible things associated with the action. Sometimes we even get to the extent of developing ‘force ’phobia. FORCE is really termed as one of the most brutal ways of getting things done.

This is not always the truth and sometimes using force can be the only way out of certain situations. Sometimes we only need a little bit of it and sometimes as much force as we can gather is the best way to get things done. Ever wondered why a parent will cane or spank a child? It’s because doing things the easy doesn't help anyway. This has always been the case in life and whenever we cannot use force we tend to stay away from situations that we can’t stay away from.
We break up in relationships because we cannot use force to make the other person love or be with us. This is why we break off from them. Funny enough, someone will force him or herself into your life and we end up breaking their carefully fashioned expectations. This is not always the case though, but you can bear with me that most cases, the larger bit will not yield acceptable consequences.

The reason I write this article is not to complain about things you already know but it’s to put into the limelight that sometimes we need to use force to get things done. Let’s get started.

Force is vital in workplaces.
Ever dreamt of waking up and deciding to do the right thing the whole day? Dress well, not to be late in class/work, behave… I mean, generally be a good person that day? You can imagine a principal trusting the students in everything! They will wake up

early in the morning and go to class, won’t make noise and all that? Impossible I tell you, impossible. They have to force them because otherwise, they will not do anything good. This applies not only in schools but everywhere. I will not water the cows if am left home alone… not because I don’t want to but because the latest GTA 5 will not share my time with any cow.

Force gets things done faster.
Even if asking politely will get things done, it won’t get things done fast. People will tend to lag and as much avoid doing things when there’s no one to ensure they do them. Tell students to collect garbage around the school compound and then leave them… the best they will do is move the garbage from point A to point B and then assume they have a mission successful. Follow them and yebo! All garbage squeezed in the garbage pit.

Force elevates respect.
Someone who gets things well done by being a little bit brutal will be successful and will earn more respect that the one that is weak and begs others to get things done for them. A parent who punishes their children will make them strong and respectable people in the nation. They learn what is expected of them.

In conclusion, force is a multi-faceted power that will make rain if given a chance and also make the sun shine if that chance is generated. Someone once said that with great power comes great responsibility.

This is because we have to control the power allocated to us and make the best out of it. Just because we have power it’s not a go ahead to use it. Sometimes it’s there for it to stay dormant, there!!

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