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Pimp your ride by giving it a mini makeover.


Date Posted: 2/1/2014 1:39:03 AM

Posted By: meg soni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

Ladies you are a brand and your vehicle is an extension of that brand. It better be accurate because it makes a statement so loud. So how do you make your vehicle more pleasing to the eye and boost your reputation? Just as your skin needs to be constantly cleansed and moisturized, so does your car’s “skin”. Has your car’s paintwork lost that lovely metallic sheen? Is it faded or chipped? Have it re-sprayed. This not only makes you well-groomed and your car too but will greatly increase its resale value.

Replace all damaged body parts and keep your car looking nice and sharp. Be careful where you park as other motorists will dent your door as they rudely exit their vehicles. True good looks start from the ground up. When last did you give your car’s “feet” a pedicure? Ladies just as you spend money on your legs, feet and toes, you also need to spend cash on your car’s wheels. It’s not enough to just keep your tyres at the correct pressure- you need to restore them to showroom status with some black tyre gel.

How about the rims? Your choice of rims should suit your vehicle type. While your little Toyota could do with shiny chrome rims to differentiate it from the taxis, the same cannot be said of a BMW or Mercedes. For luxury vehicles keep the original rims or choose from options available for that specific model. Avoid putting Subaru rims on your Mercedes, no matter how much your man pleads.
Another feature that can transform your vehicle is a good body kit and boot spoiler. These are extensions to the sides and back that will make it look more sporty and well-rounded. If applied badly, they can have the effect of a bad hair day where you

selected the wrong blond weave. A good body kit is one that has been designed for your specific vehicle. In short, keep your car looking as good as it was meant to be by the designers.

Ladies, under any circumstance, do not:

- Fit a large and loud exhaust pipe.
- Spray paint your car baby pink or hot orange unless you are single, over 35 and feel your biological clock ticking. Always consider the resale value.
- Fit the fake aftermarket spotlights that come in fancy colors. They do not work and may make you look desperate, cheap and easy to please.
- Cover your windows with pitch-black tints. It suggests you are up to no good and people might think you sleep in your car during the day.
- Put stickers of your model type, car stereo type, religious persuasion or tyre brands on your vehicle. Unless you are in the business of selling those brands you will just look juvenile and sad.

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