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Is the Kenyan education system relevant to the job market?


Date Posted: 3/22/2014 4:28:35 AM

Posted By: ken5100  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 126

Lack of relevance of education system to a country's job market system has been arguably a major setback to most developing nations such as Kenya. According to me,most Kenyan students waste so much time on academic work not related to their job fields until they get to the tertiary learning institutions where the system is considerably fair.Tertiary institutions prepare students for the job market though sometimes they offer so much detailed academic work some of which is not necessary.

The Kenyan education system is normally general from primary school until one finishes secondary education and its thereafter whereby one can decide which field he or she is going to specialize on.What really happens as one studies is a transformation of thoughts from dreams to realities and what really happens.Students from primary school and secondary school only dream to be pilots,doctors,engineers,surgeons and architectures but this kind of dreams in reality vanish immediately they complete high school education.In reality, only less than 25% end up on careers they dreamt of when they were young. I think that the Kenyan jab intake system to public universities has been a major fault to the Kenyan education simply because it is not efficient enough. An evidence of inefficiency is the fact that more than 15% of the students admitted through jab end up pursuing degree courses they were previously not interested in.They therefore end up on careers they had never dreamt or even thought of before.

I have heard professionals in some fields claim that what they did in their classwork is completely different from what they now do in their job places or the idea that with a degree you can work anywhere.I however don't have any proof to this argument since i'm not a professional yet.

In conclusion, my feeling is that the Kenyan system requires

amendments in the form of reinforcements to ensure its efficiency and reliability.

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