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Why is it that being poor in Kenya is considered a criminal offense.


Date Posted: 4/21/2015 7:24:44 AM

Posted By: shiku kim  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 110

It seems like being poor in Kenya is a criminal offense. Poor people in Kenya have become victims of circumstances. When a poor person steals a chicken, they spend years behind bars but when politicians steal millions and some are accused of rape cases, they are released on bail.

Politicians extend their sittings in parliament until late night, when discussing matters concerning increasing their salaries and allowances. On the other hand, when it comes the time to discuss on how they can pass a bill that will protect a common "mwananchi", they fight almost killing each other.

It is the poor Kenyans who are killed in quarries by terrorist while trying to make a living. This politicians don't take their children to our local universities where they are merely risking their lives. Why can't the government put in place structures and measures that work to protect the poor because no matter how developed we become as a nation there will always be poor people.

What really happens to our politicians when they go to parliament. Before the elections, they are normal people who can interact with other persons in the community and even propose how to solve problems facing the society. Once they are elected,they completely change. They only think of how to increase their wealth even if it means exploiting people who are ravishing in poverty. This same politicians don't mind going for a holiday abroad using tax payers money and spend thousands while some Kenyans are dying of hunger.

What is it that that will ever be done to make our Kenyan politicians understand their role. They are public Servants and are supposed to remain that. It's like being a politician in Kenya gives them some immunity to do whatever they want. What is difficult to understand is why we

keep choosing them over and over.

Kenya will only talk of equality when our leaders stop thinking of themselves and understand why they were elected in those positions. The time our leaders will stop seeing themselves as better than everybody but instead take the opportunity they have been given to make a difference for those who choose them. Only then when we have servant leadership shall we reduce the huge gap between the poor and the rich.

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