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How Chemistry Will Help Kenya Achieve Vision 2030


Date Posted: 11/10/2016 8:31:39 AM

Posted By: iann  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1081

Kenyan vision 2030 was launched about five years ago and it aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing, middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all its citizens by the year 2030 in a clean and secure environment. A lot has to be done for us to realize this vision and every person has a role to play. At the end of each day every individual should ask what he/she has done towards the realization of this vision. Kenya's vision 2030 comprises of three major pillars: the economic pillar, the political pillar and the social pillar.

Education is the backbone to our realization to vision 2030. Educating the society will help us walk towards achieving this vision and I would like to narrow down to one of subjects: chemistry. Although we study several subjects, chemistry is the subject to the realization of our vision. This subject is offered in almost all our country's learning institutions. As hard or undeserved or boring (as some refer to it) it seems to be, chemistry has a lot to do with our country's vision.

Firstly, chemistry is everything around us: our lives, the food we eat, clothes we put on, whatever we drink, cooking, the air we breath etc. Anything we talk of has chemistry behind it. When we learn chemistry and our interaction with it everyday and everywhere we will understand how to relate with anything around us. Thus, in so doing we will be able to avoid events like pollution, know correct disposal of waste products. After learning this we will be able to keep our environment clean, free from all sorts of pollution thus a safe environment for the citizens.

Secondly, through learning chemistry can help Kenya create its own chemical industries, manufacture medicine and other chemicals. This will ensure the

country produces strong, cheap, durable and safe products for her citizens and also for exporting. Creation of industries is, in other words creation of employment opportunities, exporting products is one way of earning income for the country. Thus, creation of industries will help in realization of both the economic pillar and the social pillar.

Chemistry, as well as providing various employment opportunities in industries, it also provides various careers like chemists, healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry, forensic scientist, pharmacologist as well as lecturers and tutors, etc. This shows that there are a lot of careers associated with learning chemistry. All these careers and employment opportunities will ensure that the country has more working citizens and this will raise both her economy and social status thus spearheading towards achieving her vision.

Study of chemistry alongside other subjects will help citizens come up with ideas for controlling national hazards like global warming and pollution. It will also help citizens read and understand product labels; to know whether a product is pure or not, expired products etc. This will ensure that all the citizens are healthy and in good condition, therefore, in this way we will be moving towards satisfying the social pillar.

Chemistry, sometimes referred to as the central science is also a backbone of other sciences like biology, mathematics, geography, physics etc. Chemistry careers are as well backbone of other careers for instance, a doctor and a pharmacist needs a pharmaceutical scientist's information before prescribing medicine to a patient. Therefore, other than creating career opportunities, studying chemistry can also be fun.

Finally, even the politicians should have quite a lot of knowledge in chemistry because it is the key subject to the realization of vision 2030. Once we have educated government we are assured of achieving the political pillar thus moving towards achieving our vision. To realize our vision every individual must be educated, more so chemistry.

Having a country full of knowledge about what is happening around us is an important step the government can take so as to make sure we achieve our vision. One challenge to the citizens, lets change our attitude towards chemistry. Lets learn chemistry taking keen interest in it because it has a lot to do to us, our country and the whole world. So, other than other subjects, lets learn more chemistry because of its added advantage.

For us to achieve vision 2030, lets change our attitude towards chemistry. Lets learn chemistry.

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