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What to avoid in 2014 in order to achieve your goals and objectives


Date Posted: 1/6/2014 3:34:04 AM

Posted By: Makara  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 415

The year 2013 is over and here we are at the earlier stages of 2014. It is a time when everybody makes new resolutions for the year and passionate about making them a reality.
In the event of making 2014 goals come true a lot must be done on daily basis, weekly basis, monthly basis and the year round. If you are a dreamer towards accomplishing your 2014 resolutions sacrifice is paramount. Do a review of your goals weekly, monthly,quarterly and semi-annually .This will help you gauge yourself in terms of the step you will be making on daily basis towards achievement of your short-term resolution as well as long-term.

In the year 2014, there are a lot of things you should avoid in order to make your dreams come true.
Friends are the most dangerous people who you should take care of during this year.Friends can make you realize your goals or as well make you fail to achieve your goals.
There are three categories of Friends:
1)Friends who are dream boosters
2)Friends who are dream Killers
3)Friends who are dream stealer
Dream Booster friends are friends who will always help you realize your dream or your goal.They are people who once you reveal to them your plans or your resolutions will give you a listening ear, give you a positive advise directed to help you achieve your goals,hold your hands and help you to walk through out the event of realization of your dream.They are the likes of people who will sacrifice for your betterment.They are the people who will help you to step up the ladder and help you to the best place of landing. These are the real and true

friends indeed.
So friends like these stay close to them. They will be the source of your happiness.They are the people to lift you up when you will be down.

The other category of friends is the dream killers. These are the friends who pretend to be friends but with plans to destroy you.These are the likes of people who once you disclose your motive in realization of your dreams or your resolutions will work towards making you fail.They are the people who will make sure that you do not progress to any level since they are envious about your progress. They will tell you that they have done it before, they have been there before and it proved to be a hustle to them, therefore it will be a big deal or a great mountain for you to climb. They will use all weapons within their reach to destroy you, to make you not to make a single move in making your dreams come true. They are like colossal acid inside the stomach screwing the individual up. These types of friends are allergic to change, to development and once they see you trying to develop they make sure that you do not progress to any level. Keep off from such friends they are not friends they are the worst enemies.Actually they are not friends they are hypocrites.

The other category of friend is the dream stealer. These are the likes of people who once you disclose an idea, that you want to implement in a certain period of time will first inform you that it might not work. Immediately they inform you that they rush to implement the idea you disclosed to them. Within a certain period of time, you will come to find out that your closest friend has implemented the idea you had in mind and its flourishing.Always Conceal your intentions in whatever you want to undertake.
Friends are the best people to help you realize your goals, still they are the people who will hold up your hand and help you move up the ladder and propel you to higher levels. Still they are the most dangerous species you can ever meet. Learn how to deal with friends and study their minds before disclosing anything to them.

In conclusion Always say less than necessary when you are before your friend, conceal your intention in any undertaking and Never put too much trust on friends since they can cause a massive destruction or be boosters to your dreams.Take care of the people you are dealing with on daily basis.
Happy New Year to you all!!!

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