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Kenyan universities should focus more on individual effort


Date Posted: 11/4/2014 4:30:37 AM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

It is quite saddening especially when you fail an exam because of other people. I don't see the sense in lecturers making students do group works at their own expense. It is also very unfair because they use this in order to lessen their workload but at the same time limiting the potential of their students. Anyone who has been in campus in recent years can attest to this and most people don't appreciate this mode of grading but yet they don't have a say as to what they want. I recently encountered a scenario whereby a group work was graded poorly because some of the students were not comprehensive with the topic that they were discussing and they dragged the entire group to the mud because of that.What lecturers don't understand is that people have different aims and visions when they join campus, some come to pass time, some do it for pleasure and some depend on it entirely for a bright future, bringing these diverse aims together can be very poisonous to the students and the parents who work very hard to put their children through university education.

I wish there were contracts to be signed by the student to stipulate the kind of services that they expect to get from the universities and if they felt that their needs would not be met then they had an option of choosing another institution or advocating for changing of the contract terms. I wish that most people would not be as benevolent with their money as they are right now and demand for the best services in institutions of higher learning such that we all get value for our money. It is unfortunate that we have academic leaders who earn lots of money and yet they never or if they

do at all, it is seasonally revise the curricula of universities. They don't have work to do and yet they are paid greatly for that. We all know the saying that if you think education is expensive try ignorance this has been used by schools to demand unbelievable amounts of school fees from their students and it is quite unfair. This is quoting the saying out of context to their own benefit and it's quite malicious because the value of education should not be too high but should be average for all to be able to access it; those from rich backgrounds as well as those from poor backgrounds.

Emphasis should be based on quality not quantity, the facts should be laid on the table and teachers or in this case lecturers should be made to sign performance contracts after every semester and convince us that they are indeed doing what they're expected to be doing. The students should equally be given the opportunity to assess them and correct them whenever they fail to meet their objectives. The bible quote that those who don't work should not eat should be applied in this scenario so that when lecturers fail to deliver on their part, they should not be paid. This is an issue that is so dear to me and i find it insane that not much publicity has been given to it and no formal complaint has been raised on it.

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