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Disadvantages of having a househelp


Date Posted: 5/21/2015 4:02:31 AM

Posted By: Edwin Gichimu  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 396

The term house help is common in urban areas where they are the people employed in homes to take care of the kids of the boss and to do all the chores in the house including cooking, cleaning the house, doing the laundry and other chores. As much as a house help is important they set some disadvantages to a home as shown below.

The children may lack proper parental care. Most people who have house helps are busy with their businesses or at work and thus need a helper to do the chores at home. The problem is that the same way they lack time for chores they also lack time for their kids and thus once they know they have someone at home taking care of things they therefore don’t care. The kids usually suffer lack of parental care.

In some instances these house helps (especially ladies) can lead to marriage break ups. Some house helps might be so attractive or some husbands are so immoral to start developing relationships and even sleeping with their house helps. Once the wife comes to learn of this it can lead to loss of jobs to the house help and separation, divorce between the couple usually occurs.

In our African culture home chores are expected to be carried out by the wife. It’s the reason a man marries, together with procreation and for company. When a house help is there and does all those chores that are expected to be done by a wife one may come to wander what is the need of the wife? This in some ways makes a wife lose meaning.

The family usually lacks proper family time. A normal family should have time for them to share meals, moments and dreams or future plans. When there is an outsider (house

help) they may feel unsafe or not free to share their dreams or future plans for the fear of secrecy.

Kidnapping is another trend that has started to be seen in Kenya. Some hose helps have managed to go missing carrying with them a child of the employer. This makes the family stressed and they are left wishing that they could not have employed a house help. Apart from kidnapping we have witnessed some other cases where the house helps organizes theft of the house of the employer and from there she goes missing never to be seen again. These are some of the many disadvantages house helps pose to homes.

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