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How to write an application letter that guarantees you an interview


Date Posted: 2/9/2018 9:39:00 AM

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The moment you are writing an application letter there are a few things that you must include if you intend to get a chance for that interview. And interview is what you want in order to discuss your qualifications for that job.

Start with a friendly language: keep it professionally friendly, if you know your potential employer by name then you should include it in the salutation. For example, dear Mr Jackson/Mrs Morgan. Did you know that someone's sweetest name is his? So make use of it and you are a few feet closer than anyone else competing for the same position.

Mention all the good things you know about that company/industry: People like listening to genuine appreciation. Don't you think it's the same for employers? Try it next time you apply for a job. Let them know that you appereciate their improvements and good services. (You must have been their customer or have visited them before)

Discuss your values as opposed to your qualifications. You must be unique for you to get a special attention and stand out from the crowd. Employer is looking for that person who will add some value to their company. Not just another mouth to feed. Discuss how you will get this company to another level. If you have had an improvement in other workplaces you can mention it.

Show that you understand the changing world and technology. Many people who do not understand the emerging technologies are eager to see you improve their work place through technology. Discuss all you know about technology that can be involved in this company-from security to marketing.

In conclusion it's important to appreciate the person who went through your letter. People are kind to kind people. Be kind in your appreciation and generous with compliments. This act will see you

on that desk serving your customers. When you get that chance to an interview maintain your confidence and prove that you deserve that position.

You can discuss your qualifications during an interview.

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