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Grief: Surviving the loss of a loved one


Date Posted: 11/14/2017 1:04:54 PM

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Death strikes with an irrefutable, cruel finality leaving the bereaved gravely heartbroken by the departure of their loved one. Even though death has been a constant foe since the inception of humankind, its shock still hits hard every time it strikes. At first, receiving the sad news immediately send one into a state of denial and disbelief; a mind- numbing reality that begins to sink in days later, maybe months. It leaves behind a deep emotional wound. Death is an unavoidable route in life,we are all sojourners on earth. Even so, it is important to learn how to diminish the effects of grief resulting from the loss of a loved one. Below are some of the ways to get back on your feet after suffering a deep loss:

1. Acknowledge the fact that its okay to feel weak. This is not one of those times to keep your head high just because everyone else is asking you to. When you are on your knees and you feel like your world is falling apart, do whatever you can to outwardly express it. Suppressing your emotions is the worst way of dealing with grief.

2. Don't shut the whole world away. During those critical times, its tempting to push everyone away because of the magnitude of grief you are feeling. People actually help to make you feel better. Instead of crying yourself to sleep every night and drinking continuously, allow close friends to make you feel better. Talk to someone and let them share in the burden of grief with you.

3. Engage in activities you love. They say keeping yourself busy serves as a distraction from your grief. But its more effective to keep yourself busy doing activities you cherish. This might be your favourite sport, or other engaging activities that help shift your

mind away from your condition.

4. Travel to new places. Being in the same environment constantly reminds you of what's grieving you. A different environment broadens your view of the world and helps you realize that there's more to life. Staying indoors and focusing on your loss makes the situation much more worse and you often believe that the world has nothing better to offer. Step out and recollect your thoughts in a new environment.

5. Focus on the good memories. Thinking about the good times you had helps to ease the burden. It makes you feel that they are close to you even though they are long gone. Its important to realize that even though they may be departed, they live on in our hearts through the beautiful memories we have about them.

6. Give yourself time to heal. Everyone takes a different pace when it comes to recovering from the loss of a loved one. Don't be so quick to spring back into your daily routine if you feel like your loss is still weighing you down. Have enough time to heal so that when things feel much better,you can restart again with the hope of having a happy life despite what you've been through.
7. Connect with a higher power. When all is said and done, the bottom line still remains- the comforts of this world are finite. After all the efforts to soothe your aching soul, the emptiness may not fully go away. Retrace your relationship with your God and hold on when everything else is falling apart. He is the ultimate source of comfort to every grieving soul.

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