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How to master the art of resilience in the face of adversities


Date Posted: 11/18/2017 11:53:57 AM

Posted By: Chiry  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 297

Resilience is described as the ability to withstand the setbacks of life with a will to stay strong. The storms of live are never ending, and without the strength to carry on life becomes a heavy load. As one gives in to the weight of the problems, they put themselves at an elevated risk of developing stress related diseases. It is therefore prudent to learn how to be resilient.

For one to be resilient, they have to exhibit a number of adaptive characteristics and one of them is possession of a positive attitude towards life. Optimism is key and one learns how to expect the best out of life regardless of the prevailing circumstances. Pessimists always loose hope even at negligible failure of their plans. Optimistic people are resilient and they come out stronger in the face failures.

Resilience also requires one to have a positive view of their abilities. For most people, failure usually results in conclusions amounting to to failure on their abilities. They end up viewing themselves as incompent. Resilient individuals never find a reason to second guess their abilities. They always find other reasons for the occurence of failures.

Maintainance of a proper social network is another key requirement in order to develop resilience. Having people around you always boosts your self esteem and gives you confidence. They always encourage you to rise above your weaknesses and have faith in your abilities. Being all alone of having a poor social network increases your vulnerability of falling prey to low self esteem and poor self image.

Development of problem solving skills is also vital. Amidst life's constant problems, one ought to be able to deal with the problems in a suitable manner to minimize self harm. Lack of problem solving skills will leave you exhausted and wornout with stressful life conditions.

It is therefore necessary to develop suitable ways to solve our everyday life problems.

Keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Resilient people always have long term goals and objectives. The failure of short term plans doesn't break their will to carry on until they achieve their long term goals. They are suitably adapted to deal with the failures in such a way that they keep their hopes on the bigger picture. They survive life's everyday failures and come out stronger hoping for bigger successes.

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