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The cost of true friendship


Date Posted: 11/17/2017 6:38:58 AM

Posted By: Chiry  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 297

True friendship is a gift we seldom come by. The kind of deep, selfless friendships between kindred souls. Superficial friends and acquaintances are easy to find, and the nature of their friendships rarely form the basis of true friendship. True friends stick by unconditionally, and their lives are wound to ours as though they were family.

The intensity of the friendship may fade over time, due to the increase of life's responsibilities. True friendships will however stand the test of time and is not deterred by the ever present changes of life. For one to stand a better chance of maintaining long lasting true friendships,they have to exhibit the qualities of a true friend, some of which are discussed below.

1. They express a genuine concern and interest in their friend's life. Their friend's success, failures, happiness and grief is equally their own. Their friend's excitement is equally thrilling to them as though it was their own. If you're trying to be a true friend, don't be the the kind that slowly turns the conversation's topic into something about themselves. Friendship is a two way traffic, and every friend should freely express themselves.

2. Ever present-we all have the kind of friends who only show up when they need a favour. The sunny Sunday friends who will only stick by when everything is good. True friends do not abandon each other at all times. They are there through thick and thin, through joy and pain.

3. They are willing to step out of their way for their friend- true friendship involves stepping out of your comfort zone to be there for your friend emotionally, financially and in all facets. A true friend would wholeheartedly take a risk to do something for their friend. This is because their friend's happiness

is essentially their own.

4. They dont let life's responsibilities to sabotage their friendship. Life's responsibilities are heavily demanding: work,family and kids. Sometimes friends loose touch along the way because the commitments weigh them down. True friendships requires one to be able to create quality time to be with their friend.

5. True friends build their relationships on a basis of honesty. A friendship based on lies hardly stands the test of time. Lies breach trust and eventually lead to deterioration and termination of friendship. Friends tell the truth, because they value each other in whatever case. Also, friends don't stab each other in the back. They lovingly rebuke one another, and are tactfully honest to avoid hurting their friends.

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