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How to avoid procrastinating


Date Posted: 2/18/2018 6:00:59 AM

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Procrastination is basically putting off an activity or a task that you could have done at the present time to a later date. Procrastination is a habit and a problem for many people. People give various excuses for procrastinating for example there are too lazy, too stressed, too tired, too bored and all other manner of reasons. Procrastination does not seem a problem until it creeps into very important matters and negatively impacts our lives such as procrastinating to review your resume and finally failing to get your dream job just because you could not get yourself to review your resume.

Procrastination just like all other habits can be gotten rid off but the process of getting rid of it may prove difficult so here are a few guidelines to help you avoid procrastinating tasks.
This first step involves you setting the goal you want to achieve and setting a deadline within which you would like to achieve it. Deadline helps you to avoid procrastinating because you are well aware that if you don’t perform the task when you have the time, you will not be able to meet your set deadline. All the same, in setting the goals, one needs to be careful to give priority to the most urgent tasks. In setting your goals, you should set one goal at a time so as to avoid multitasking. Multitasking may make you feel that you have accomplished a lot at a ago but it makes it impossible to perform each task quickly and effectively since you can’t focus all your energy and attention on a single task.

Once you have set the goal you want to achieve, you should break down your goal into small pieces. This is because aiming at achieving the goal as a single unit may be

overwhelming and may lead to intimidation to procrastinate. The pieces into which you break your goal should be manageable. The steps don’t need to be perfect as they will become clearer as you perform the task. You also need to find a working space that is free of distractions so that you can turn your full attention on the task before you. After performing each of the steps into which you have subdivided your task, you should take a break before going on to the next step. It is advisable to start with the hardest steps as you move along to the easier ones as this keeps you more motivated that the next step is simpler to accomplish than the one before it.

Appreciating oneself after accomplishing every single step to achieving your goals is very important. Reward yourself whenever you complete each step. This is because although what you have done is not perfect, you have made the effort to do it and there is still room for fixing and improving since you can’t fix what is isn’t done yet. Setting a reward system after successfully completing each step ensures that you are motivated all along the whole process of performing the task. In case you procrastinate a certain step, you can withdraw the rewards so as to maintain discipline throughout the process of achieving the set goal.

You should be accountable for every task you do so as to avoid procrastinating. One of the ways of building accountability is getting a friend or relative to monitor your steps towards achieving your task so that you don’t get tempted to procrastinate. It is advisable to choose someone who initially had a problem with procrastination but has now gotten rid of the habit since they understand your problem better. The person you choose should also motivate you, reward you when you complete a step and set a way to punish you if you end up procrastinating one of the steps you have set to achieve a given goal.

Motivation is key in fighting procrastination. Every morning you wake up, encourage yourself that you will perform all the tasks that are supposed to be performed that day. This helps build momentum to push oneself to fight procrastination. You can also enroll yourself in a group that has members with a similar problem to yours so as share the challenges you face and encourage each other. This is important because the people in that group face a similar problem and understand you better than those who have never been in a similar position . You can also try approaching friends who were initially victims of the same habit to encourage you if self motivation seems not to work. Whenever you are afraid that you will not be able to complete a certain task and you will end up procrastinating, encourage yourself that you will complete the task and overcome that fear. You can also get a counsellor to help you overcome the fear of procrastination. This is because it is impossible to accomplish anything if you are afraid. You can also consult with books on procrastination in order to overcome that fear.

In the process of getting rid of the habit of procrastination, you will find yourself procrastinating some activities. It is advisable not to punish yourself as this is just a part of the healing process. When you punish yourself, you will develop both guilt and regret, which are two draining emotions. With guilt and regret, you will not be able to accomplish whatever you would have accomplished earlier. These emotions also prevent you from accomplishing a task effectively as their instill in you that mindset that you are a failure.

In order to fight procrastination, you should visualize the future. You should have a clear picture of what in store if you complete a given task. This will motivate your to perform the task which you are required to perform. You should paint yourself a picture of the positive benefits you will reap from completing the task. With the end in mind, you will find it easy to navigate through the process of completing the task.

Procrastination masquerades as a addiction and like all addictions it can be done way with, but it takes personal effort to completely get rid of the habit. Your mindset is very important in getting rid of procrastination. You need to maintain a positive mindset that you can overcome the habit. With a positive mindset, you will be able to achieve anything you put out yourself to achieve.

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