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Having issues dealing with self esteem? Here is how to deal with it.


Date Posted: 10/2/2018 8:38:00 AM

Posted By: kristie qoey  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 32

Have you been picked on in the past? have you been told you will never make it in life or you are not going to produce the best results at work or in school? have you been told you are not pretty or handsome or they always made fun of you because of how petite or plus size you are? then this is the article for you.

I am a victim of low self esteem and that's one thing that can ruin your self confidence and always makes you doubt yourself.In the end I learnt how to walk out of it and I want you to do to.
Some of you may not know you are having a low self esteem, some people confuse it with being an introvert which is really what most people hide in, but you have to retrace your past and look at how you were as a kid along the way something might have happened and made you withdraw from the world and try finding your own peace.


When you wake up in the morning always look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful,you are smart, you are going to make it, you will stay positive and you will not let negativity affect you.Tell yourself things you'd want to here.

Motivational books uplift your spirit, they give you hope and help you stay positive, if it's a student who has trouble getting good grades, motivation books keep you inspired. The reason why its important to read motivational books it's because you get ideas on how to walk though a situation.The best motivational book for you to start with is your Bible.

This is another way to boost your esteem, when you do

what you love it makes you feel good about yourself, don't try being like someone else or doing something because you see it work for someone else. They always say "do you" meaning work on your strength and not be pressurized by the society to become someone you are not.

It might sound a bit cliche' when you hear someone say "show me your friends and i'll tell you the type of a person you are" but it's so true. Friends make a huge impact in our life's a complement from a friend uplifts your spirit and at the same time just a critic can affect the rest of your day. choose your friends wisely be around people who make you grow and challenge you to be a better person and most of all support your dreams.

Always remember to include a prayer in your daily routine. Put God first in all you do and He will guide your steps.Try praying every single morning you don't have to say much. Just thank Him for the night and pray that He may lead you through the day and trust me you will be more confident because you know God has got you.

Make this a habit and soon you will be feeling more confident about yourself and you will always be happy.

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