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How to be a smart student


Date Posted: 10/23/2020 12:07:49 AM

Posted By: Mbodze Meruwa  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 52

Many times as a student, I feared being sent out of class due to naughtiness. I would try my very best to be the epitome of discipline in the class. I guess that is why my teachers loved me. I cannot say that I completely was a good student but at least I was a smart one. I was not only a smart student but also super smart.

I stood out. Although nobody really came to congratulate me openly, It all reflected on my results. In addition, teachers were more confident to assign me duties that required I stand on their behalf especially when they had teachers meetings.

So friends I will share a few ways that can make a smart student.

1. Always Be Attentive

There is nothing that angers a teacher more than not being attentive when he teaches. Smart students pay attention during lessons. We have this set of students who make noise as the teacher teaches. They set meetings as the class is ongoing. Smart students do not do that. On the contrary, smart children listen. They listen more and talk less. They pay full attention to what the teachers are teaching. It is very evident that an attentive student will perform better than one that is not. This is because they are able to grasp and internalize every bit of the lesson. Attentive students ask questions, they also challenge the teacher at times. Attentive students are smart students. Choose to be attentive always. Get rid of friends or circumstances that will hinder you from being attentive in class.

2. Always Carry a Notebook and a Pen

Yes, you read that right! A notebook and a pen. These are your alidade of learning. You will learn so much when you have a place for reference. Writing down something you have learnt makes

it stick in the mind. Do not assume that you will cram everything, there is so much information that you can always forget if you do not write them down. You go for a student seminar, carry a notebook and pen. You go for a student tour carry a notebook and a pen. You go to benchmark in another school, carry a notebook and a pen. This simple discipline goes a mile away to shaping you to be a smart student. Never assume the power of writing.

3. Always Be Neat

Cleanness is closer to Godliness. This is true, when you are clean and neat you seem to be more bright and have a clear mind ready to grasp the bits of learning. Never get to class with a dirty shirt, socks, tie, shoes, and so on. This will make you unfit for learning. Always, comb your hair, tuck in your shirt, polish your shoes, and put on a clean uniform. This personal grooming is an aspect of smartness. Smart students are not unkempt. When one is not neat, they will spend most of their time avoiding teachers, suspecting themselves around other students, and ultimately lack self-esteem. To avoid all this hustle, be neat always.

4. Participate

This is very crucial, smart students participate in class. They take part in debates, competitions, sports, congresses, drama, and question, and answer sessions. They ask questions. They participate. Let your brain be active when in school. Do not be like a zombie. Get yourself a chance to socialize with the course and school programs. Only dull students do not participate in any of the above. This does not mean that you are all over. No. I mean, look at where your strength, talents, and interest are in and participate. I understand that not everyone is gifted in public speaking and the likes. However, anyone can laugh at a teacher's joke, ask questions, and participate in group discussions. Do not be a silent and dull student you will miss it. Smart students participate in leadership as well. Let me explain this further in the next point.

5. Take Leadership Roles in School

Most of us shy away from extra responsibilities while students, but let me say this that leadership sharpens them that are in charge. The roles of being a class monitor or prefect will put pressure on you to be smarter than the rest of the class. The bigger the post the smarter you get. Do not shun from taking the responsibility to lead others. Grab such opportunities. Be that perfect whose English is always on point. Being in leadership will make you smart by default since you will have to be neat always, work on your course work on time, and polish your grades every way possible. The virtue of you being a leader will make you be close to your teachers thus making you learn extra from class more than the rest of the students.

6. Choose Smart Friends

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Birds of the same feathers fly together. Most of our characters are shaped by the company we keep. You want to be a smart walk with smart friends. It is very unlikely to be smart among dumb friends. Smart students have their language which is very different from dumb students. Choose your friends wisely. Form a group discussion team with smart students that way you will get smarter.

7. Always Keep Time

Now, gone is the phantom that Africans cannot keep time. Poor time management is associated with dumbness. When one does not keep the time they end up not being at per with the school schedule. Smart students finish their assignments on time, they attend classes earlier than the set time, they complete their exams on time, and are at the right places at the right time. Have a watch or a time table to always keep you on track.

8. Work Hard

They say work hard and smart. Smart students are so aggressive and want to pass their examinations. They go the extra mile to make sure they perform. Good performance comes with sacrifices and hard work. No pain, no gain. Smart people know what to study and what not to study. They work hard but smart. They know when is their appropriate time to study and when is not. They revise, read ahead of the teacher and they are always ready to seek help so as to perform well. Most smart students perform well in class.

9. Be Disciplined

Smartness goes hand in hand with discipline. Discipline makes a student be likable and exemplary. When a teacher notices a certain student is disciplined, they tend to entrust and favor them more. This ultimately leads to a good teacher-student relationship. Consequently leads to high performance and boost the self-esteem of the student. Smart students are also disciplined at home. They obey their parents and are not a nuisance. It is a proven fact that smartness begins with discipline.

10. Put God First

Yes, the beginning of knowledge and wisdom is the fear of God. Putting God first automatically results in a smart student. Godliness makes one do the right thing at the right time. This makes the student uphold a godly character and in so many cases they usually stand out.


It is really a good feeling knowing that you are a smart student. It also makes one so confident in class and school. In addition, smart students have great opportunities awaiting them out of school. Society is ready to pour out good tidings to smart students. Great leadership positions await those who are smart. Start now. Be smart.

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