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Professional documents required by a teacher.


Date Posted: 1/12/2021 5:27:22 AM

Posted By: Teacher edna  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 138

Professional documents needed by a teacher.
Do you want to be an excellent teacher? Well here are some of the professional documents that you require. Let's first understand what we mean by professional documents.
Professional al documents are documents used by the teacher in preparation, implementation and evaluation of learning. They are very vital to the teaching and learning process.
Having understood what professional documents are, lets look at each of them
1. Schemes of work
2. Record of work.
3. Lesson plan.
4. Individualized education plan(IEP)

1. Schemes of work -it is a document that a teacher develops from the curriculum design. It shows how the planned curriculum content shall be distributed within the time allocated for learning. A scheme of work helps the teacher to:
Plan on what resources will be required.
Decide on methodology to be used.
Plan for assessment.
A scheme of work has several components which include week, lesson, strand, sub strand, specific learning outcomes, suggested learning resources, suggested assessment methods and reflection.

2. lesson plan
Another vital document that a teacher requires is the lesson plan. A well planned lesson plan helps the teacher to:
Manage time well during the lesson.
Select and design appropriate assessment methods.
organize the content to be taught in advance focusing clearly on subject matter to be covered.
Components of a good lesson plan include introduction, lesson development, conclusion, summary and reflection.

3. Individualized education plan(IEP)
This document is vital for teachers dealing with special learners. An IEP describes what the teacher and other professionals will do to meet the special needs of the learner. An IEP focuses on individual learner's needs and allows each learner to acquire knowledge, skills at his/her own pace.
Major Components of an IEP include:
The learner's present level of

Long term and short term outcomes.
Initiation and termination dates.
Assessment procedure.
Related Specialized services.

4. Record of work. A record of work is a document kept by the teacher showing the work that has been done at the end of every lesson. A record of work helps in:
Accountability and transparency of work covered by a teacher.
The continuity of facilitation of learning.
Providing uniformity in content coverage in case of several streams. components of record of work include time frame, work done, remarks and details of the teacher.
These professional documents are very important for effective learning. The teacher should ensure that they acquire them during the learning process.

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