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A complete checklist for students in online learning in 2021


Date Posted: 1/20/2021 6:12:56 AM

Posted By: Lynder Gertervy  Membership Level: Bronze  Total Points: 38

Schools have opened and unlike other days where studying on campus or in school was the norm... times have now changed in all countries. Students, teachers, businesses are now shifting to the online arena.

As a student learning through online learning its fundamental that you feel settled while studying online... So below is a checklist of what you require(the important stuff):

1.School planner: to schedule your activities, assignments, extra curricular, classes. Basically manage your schedule since online studying is pretty much you and your self discipline. It may be online planner or manual one... either works. school planner are definitely life savers!
2.A laptop and mobile device: this is quite obvious. Your classes will be online and you'll need your laptop or phone to attend the classes conducted on online web conferencing sites such as: zoom, google meet. Also you'll a laptop for typing assignments, storing and accessing material easily and watch movies:)

3. Download a Web-conferencing app on your laptop or phone... web conferencing apps are a key component in online learning. Such include: Google meet...Zoom or whatever other app your lecturer or teacher decides to use.

4.Study friends/classmate... Very important component in online studies. You need to have legit(importance on legit) friends to help you acquire info on stuff or assignments, exchange notes, extra updates made. If you missed a class these friend will come in handy trust me! Do not miss classes though.. Be the legit friend too:)

5.Notebook,pens,pencils,school bag(like literal!): Very important yet people do not seem to recognize the importance of something such as a notebook. Basically have a notebook to take notes in every session you attend! Do not give up or quit taking notes. The are a life saver and its not like you can follow the lecturer after a class to clarify a point! School bag=Store the

notebook, laptop, pens, pencils(promote clean environs)

6.Workspace: A secluded area to study in... conduct sessions on zoom or assignment. You'll be studying home where your parents and family live with you for most of us, so a secludes area/safe space where not anyone in your family can bulge in at anytime when your in a session is important!....Also scientific study has shown that a constant work space in memory and productivity!?

7.Lecturer or teacher contacts: have the Email or other methods t reach your teachers on your device! Like why not? You may miss marks, want deadline extension, want clarity on a topic or even need to consult, Trust me the contacts come in Handy at this point. You should have them saved like Yesterday on your phone!!

8.Reliable internet connection: Have reliable Wi-Fi to use or reliable Hotspot connection. Have backup internet planning(very important) Lights may go out so a backup plan is important! Ensure Wi-Fi is quick at least or ask the other family members to reduce their internet use(like downloading movies or large files) to random tasks when your in a session.

8. Now all you need is your hard-work: Study my friend. Nothing comes easily. So wake early, pray or whatever you don to start your morning and study. Work with past papers, read your notes, consult for clarity, Reach class at least 20 minutes before time. Be confident in yourself and God and get the grade:)

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