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Qwetu Student Referral Program


Date Posted: 1/18/2021 1:00:31 AM

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Qwetu Student Referral Program.

The Covid 19 pandemic has left many businesses overnight with no choice other than adapting to the new way of working . An increase in businesses operating remotely, new schedules and with changes in staffing for the first time. The question is, are the changes going to become a long-term shift in how we conduct business? Since many adjustments that are being put in place are in line with hygiene and social distancing protocols. It is reasonable to expect the pandemic could permanently transform the way people work. Does this open a door for multiple employment contracts?

In 2020 a lot of us experienced financial strain. It was hard for us to provide for our families or even pay our basic bills. we cannot deny the fact that many citizens lost their jobs due to the pandemic. It became evident that multiple streams of income is the way forward.

I looked at emerging online opportunities, where one could make some money with minimum effort. Sources of income that did not require capital nor time input. Opportunities that could be done beside our normal jobs. I found Qwetu residences have an interesting referral program. This stood out for me because I believe in making someone’s life better besides making money. Doing something meaningful for the next generation comes into play with the Qwetu Referral program. Every Student appreciates a good accommodation during their Studying Era.

How it works:

Step one:
To register for their referral program, you can just click on the following link then fill in the registration form. Alternatively, you can visit their website then click on the Refer and Earn button. Then click on register, this will direct you to a page where you fill in you details. The registration process is simple.

Input your full name, email address and phone number.

Step Two:
After registering for the referral program, you will receive a referral code that the system identifies you with. This is the code you will give to the student you are referring to Qwetu. The student should give this code when checking in so as to enable the referral to be acknowledged by their systems. Once the student checks in this is counted as a successful referral.

Step Three:
Once the student has checked in and paid, immediately you will receive the money via the M-pesa phone number you registered with.
Your Earnings will all depend on the effort you make towards referring as many students as possible. Qwetu has no limit on how many people you can refer. Imagine helping a student to find accommodation and earning some money! To get more information call: 0800730333

“The future is our present for the next generation. It is our duty and our total responsibility to leave a good deed from our gifts. The way we live our present will lead to a good gift or the worst of nightmares for generations to come.”
- Ana Claudia Antunes.

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