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Agribusiness Supply Chain Management Question Paper

Agribusiness Supply Chain Management 

Course:Agribusiness Supply Chain Management

Institution: Laikipia University question papers

Exam Year:2016

1. In general,Agribusiness supply chains are comprised of a set of sequential operations sometimes referred as 'farm-to-fork'.
a. What is your understanding of supply chain management as used in agribusiness sector? 4Marks
b. What are some of the real-world challenges that have motivated stakeholders in considering the overall agribusiness sector from supply-chain perspective? 10Marks
c. Explain the operations that a typical agribusiness supply chain will have. 10Marks
d. Describe the fundamental flow types that exist in an agribusiness supply chain. 6Marks
2. It's arguable that actions that will reduce losses in the postharvest chain in developing economies will have positive effects on food security.
a. What are the main causes of postharvest losses along agro supply chains? 12Marks
b. What actions are recommended for the improvement of post-harvest management and post-harvest losses in reduction in agribusiness supply chains? 8Marks
3. Discuss the various measurements that can be used to evaluate supply chain performance. 20Marks
4. Explain the following terms used in agribusiness supply chains and give appropriate examples in each case.
a. Backward and forward linkages in Agro-industries. 5Marks
b. Value chain analysis. 5Marks
c. Supply Chain differentiation. 5Marks
d. Push-pull view of supply chain and the cycle view of supply chain. 5Marks
5. Supply Chain risk disruption are unplanned an unanticipated events that disrupts the normal flow of goods and materials within supply chain.
a. Giving examples identify and explain these risks. 10marks
b. How can an agribusiness supply chain manager mitigate the risks identified above? 10Marks

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