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New trendy clothing for fashion lovers.


Date Posted: 11/18/2013 4:50:21 AM

Posted By: meg soni   Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 2477

Coloured skinny jeans:

Nothing is more trendy during a festive
season like a pair of well fitted, coloured
skinny jeans. They are tight and fit perfectly
ending at the narrow point of the ankle.
Coloured skinny jeans are best worn with a
loose top preferably tucked in or a loose
T-shirt knotted at the waist.

Tweed jacket:

The weather keeps shifting from hot to cold
instantly hence it is getting tricky to dress.
The trick lies in being smart. This outfit beats
cold keeping one warm when they wear a
maxi dress because they left home when it
was sunny. Tweed works well with a subdued,
plain sundress as much as it does jeans.
It may have a conservative look but it does
not have to be restrained. If worn right, it
can tip one's outfit over to plain fabulous.

Tribal print blazer:

This is an interesting addition to one's wardrobe,
something that will rev it up, few things will do
this better than a tribal print blazer. A loosely
fitted cut of this with a white T-shirt with jeans
works really well. It is a fresh way to go Afrocentric
without it weighing on you. Sometimes we don't
like print but feel we must wear it out of a sense of
obligation, but with this, one gets a modern classy

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