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What the Government should do in order to come to consensus with the media about the draconian bill


Date Posted: 12/2/2013 12:46:04 AM

Posted By: Makara  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 415

It has now passed a number of days since the bill to gag the media was enacted but with consistent claims from different individuals and organs within the government, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Kenya did not sign the bill which it has been termed as being severe way of dealing with the media.

It is now the time the government should come in and provide a lasting long term solution to the Bill which is ringing in people minds.

There are a number of avenues the government should look into before establishing or making a single move to the bill since it is vital and crucial in the long-run if the country.

There are always three sides of a coin.if we look keenly to the bill we can establish that it will definitely have consequences to the media.Let look at the three parts of this bill and its effect it will pose for the three parts.

1)The bill as the media puts it that it will gag them and prevent the media from reporting hidden things pertaining the government yet the citizens are supposed to be notified on all happenings within the country and from different bodies in the government.Therefore if the bill was signed to law it will deprive the media freedom to inform.

2)If the bill is not signed to law the it will rescue the hidden things pertaining the government from expose.Thus the reputation and credibility of the government will be upheld

3)The bill if passed to law will also deprive citizens from getting full coverage of the information from the government,hence contradicting Abraham Lincolns saying that Government of the people ,by the people and for the people.
The government can do the following to counter the threat posed by the bill:

a)Let the government engage the people from the

media before arriving to any conclusive conclusion in order to know their take on the bill.This will involve intensive and serious discussion between the government and the representatives from the media.This will help both team come up to a consensus on the matter at hand.By so doing the media and the media will come out relieved of the consequences that could have erupted if both parties just kept quite.Therefore dialogue must be the key guideline

b)The government can as well request the public to contribute to the same motion or to give their views regarding the bill.this will provide enough coverage from different individuals and come up with adequate information to disseminate hence arriving to a conclusive and a reasonable conclusion regarding the matter.

c)After getting views from the public regarding the same and an intensive discussion regarding the bill the government and representatives from the media should therefore sit and disseminate the conclusion,publish it to make it public hence protecting the media and the credibility of the Government.

In conclusion the Government should take care not to lose its meaning.That is, it being of the people, by the people and for the people.With this government operations will run smoothly.

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