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How to finalize your last week to KCSE and KCPE examinations


Date Posted: 8/5/2017 7:11:26 AM

Posted By: Githiari  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 927

The trickiest times to a main event, occasion or a function are the last seven days before it.These are the days that you find yourself confused without vivid definition of what outcomes to expect once the day comes. Likewise most students and pupils find panic growing bigger in this period but something they need to know is that many passed the stage and managed to score out of their best. It is a hard time though but you need to be courageous as a student and have in mind that your destiny is wider no matter the challenges they may have faced during their life in school. Nobody was born a failure and therefore I don’t find any reason why anybody should allow panic to take effect just because they are nearing a major exam. A feeling that proper preparations were not taken due to any reason whatsoever does not guarantee panic as far as the student has done the best in revising. God will come in and top up whatever they have done and rest you forget.

If I can assume that you are beginning in seven day and today is on Monday you can subdivide the seven days into three knots containing three, days for the first and second knots and one day for the third knot. On our fist knot we have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the most important thing to start with is by creating a supplementary time table which you need to follow to the latter. The timetable should be more relaxed than the previous one meaning that if you used to wake up at then you make it earlier than 4.30 am.For you who used to take a subject revision in the same day, it’s time you need to change that to half

of it.This is the period you need to be testing your answering ability by having frequent visits to past question papers with their solutions. I recommend solved question because you may come across a question with the correct answer contrary to what you lived to know previously as the answer. By the way this is the most probable cause of top performers dropping in their final exam, the ghost answers. The solution will not only remove ghost answers but also improve your understanding on the best answering mode should you get such question in future. To top it up in this knot, you need to take a private complete test which you mark and analyze with the help of your teacher. Draw graphs as and compare with your previous performances and if you get lesser marks than you used to get, you have no reason to treble your heart, and there is still a vacant to improve.

The second knot will compose Thursday, Friday and Saturday which is the last squad in your revision before you begin your stuffs. In this stage, you will too be required to make a fresh temporary time table which in this case will be in line with the order of schedule in the main exam. This will help you to have a priority of revision driven automatically by the order of the exams. It needs to release more time to allow you get a minimum of six hours of night sleep. This will also be the most appropriate time for you to join learning discussion groups, to express your ideas throughout the course as you also find answers to the most complicated questions that require combine efforts. It is good to note that such groups may in one way or the other delete ghost answers.

After passing over the first six day, it is time you wake up and tell your minds that exam is one way and final in our third knot,Sunday. On this day, wake up at, take a little of reviews and take your chore preparing to have respect to your God. Attend a church service of your choice where you feel comfortable to take your private prayer. Avoid friends who are fond of downgrading you at this time. Take much of your time to relax to have time to sort exam requirement and find solution in case there is a deficit. Go back home before 7 pm, take short revision most mostly for three hours, take your supper and assemble all the requirement for the following day.

The fate Monday is here with us and if you still wonder how you kick off the day, then relaxes. I do not like the case of some students who wake up at 2 am to study on such a day. You ought to have done all that in your previous years, as such thing will only consume your time and destabilize your brains. Wake up not earlier than 5 am and not late than 6 am to have ample time to take control of your conscious. Take your normal routine but not revising this time, walk to school for the day scholars join your fellow in the morning revision before the paper come. Now that you get into class, means are ready, panic free waiting to face the challenge. Do not overload yourself for the entire exam session, avoid eating heavy food that can make you have stomach upsets and more so make sure you are organize every day until you complete the exam.

Whether you are an A scholar or otherwise, life is a different issue. You can score an academic A but score an E in life challenge. It is therefore better to try your best in all aspects of life without arrogance or give up. I mean you don’t need to give up because you are not capable of scoring an A and likewise you don’t need arrogance because you score high. All you need is to be keen and understand that time wasted is never recovered and pride comes before a fall. After all you have a long way ahead and whatever you score in such exam does not mean life will stop. If you score an E then am sorry but that is not the end many score such and today they make the most countable coins with the most looked after flamboyant lifestyles. Others scored great but today they live in the most miserable lives. Take any chance of any opportunity with wisdom.

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