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Factors to consider when choosing a course to pursue in a Kenyan university


Date Posted: 8/5/2017 7:19:10 AM

Posted By: Githiari  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 927

Joining University or colleges is a precious thing but cannot be as valuable as it may sound if the student fails to understand what it requires in life as a matter related to the course to do. When you get the good news that soon you will become a comrade in one of the highly ranked universities and colleges, the immediate thought to come to your mind is what to begin with, how to begin and who to involve.

You begin your preparations with the decision of what course to pursue but if you lack great knowledge an understanding of the course to do, you will get fame being a graduate but the fame will be consumed by the life you will live when you get that hat off your head. You may have some examples of students who completed studies with great campuses of the universe but spends most of their lives struggling with jobs that are not at all related with what they studied, or ‘tarmacking’ for the past years. The reason is not probably failure to look for a job but failure to coincide with the jobs available in line with the courses done. If you check some of the factors behind the failure of your fellow, then I can assure you by the time you are graduating, a job is after you but not the vise way.

You need to consider your previous performances and take an appropriate course that matches your academic level. Do not rush for a ‘big’ course just because you have money to take face do it and fail to note the studies that correctly match your brain capacity. If you are not good in mathematics, avoid jumping into mathematical courses that may hang you around the studies and give you poor grades.


unique factor is the job market related to the course you wish to take. Some courses are outdated and pressurizing you brains on them will only consume you aging period and money. Imagine you take a course in criminology and all criminals become saved, you live the rest of your live cursing the day you chose that course. Take another example of a course like telecommunication that was applicable in the past 10 million years, you will be ever smiling once you hear the word being mentioned as a professional in that course but turn your face away when the jobs available are mentioned. Take a course that is relevant to the current life and controls the most part of living.

Your availability. All students not the same in terms of age, responsibilities and that means some may be more committed to other life issues such as families, employments, is a wise decision to have in mind when you want b in classes either as part or full time. If you are available for most of the time and feel that you can manage studies and other responsibilities at the same time, hesitate no to full time. You may be employed or life responsibilities do not give you that chance to face the teacher but need studies, take part time of distance studies.

Financial requirements. We are different in terms of the way our pockets are loaded. Some may be able to make the highest offer for as long as it will take to sit for that course, but what about those who are on the vise side? Take a course that will favor your finances by checking the fees payable every year, get the analysis and keep your state into balance and if you feel discriminated, turn your desire to another one suitable to your condition.

With the key factors above you have no reason to get blindly into a course that may discourage your life in future. Seek assistance form your family members, long time graduates who are harvesting from the courses they did, your immediate teachers and the most valuable friends who are known to take every matter in the right seriousness that it requires. Sorry if you already chose a course and have a feeling that it may turn to be discourages in life. If you don’t any chance to change, don’t mind move forward and be thinking of how you may create your own job. For the freshmen who are yet to join and they already chose, there are chances to change before you begin your course. Take the course that you chose and feel comfortable revising for, avoid any course driven by peer pressure.

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