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Global Warming, its effects and solutions


Date Posted: 4/23/2018 12:22:38 AM

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Global Warming
Global warming is characterized by significant rise in temperature of the earth that as a result causes climatic change.This is associated with various human causal reasons such as emission of gaseous impurities and other air pollutants into the atmosphere such as methane and carbon(iv) oxide among other green house gases.

Causes of global warming
Global warming is caused when air such as carbon (iv) oxide together with other green house gases are released into the atmosphere and they then form a blanket-like layer that absorb solar radiations that have bounced off the earth's surface.These radiations are meant to be cast into space,but the pollutants absorb them and by trapping the heat they make the planet to heat up thus causing the green house effect.

The emission of these gases can be from various sources such as burning of fossil fuels in order to produce electricity,emission of carbon (iv)oxide by vehicles and other locomotives which combust gasoline and release of air pollutants by factories in the atmosphere.As a result of all these,there have been several effects that have affected mankind plants and animals in different ways across the world.

Effects of global warming
As a result of global warming,there has been health ,economic and also environmental consequences.There has been a high rise in temperature that has led to hotter heat waves and thus led to droughts which has largely affected the inhabitants in the ecosystem.As ocean temperatures rise,aquatic life is endangered too and also this poses possibilities of hurricanes in the near future.

Heavy downpours and increased flooding as well come along with pests and diseases that infest and negatively affect the agricultural sector and fisheries.There is also disruption of habitats like the coral reefs due to flooding and rise in the sea level with acidic rain that

pollutes the oceans and this causes the extinction of various species of plants and animals that live beneath the water.
Due to pollution that causes global warming and creates good conditions for pathogenic organisms,there is out break of diseases and other allergies.This in turn leads to increased death rate especially for those with weak immune systems such as the ages and children.

There is also the melting of glaciers on the peak of mountains that causes a significant rise in water levels,and should this happen earlier water shortage and drought is experienced.
There are however various solutions to this.Opting for a cleaner power plan and renewable energy will help reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere.This includes then use on natural sources of energy such as solar energy and also the use of wind such as the use of wind mills to pump water and also produce electricity.The use of biogas as an alternative fuel is also highly recommended.
The use of unleaded fuels for vehicles and locomotives which helps maximize on combustion of gasoline and reduces the amount of lead that is released in the atmosphere.

We can also invest more in energy sufficient appliances and using energy saving bulbs for our homes. Afforestation also plays a vital role as we on the other hand need to join hands in fighting deforestation.

To conclude,Global warming is majorly caused by humans and it is is an effect that is felt all over the world.It is the key reason to climatic changes experienced across the world.It is our duty to combat this by reducing the emission of chemical gases into the atmosphere and this can be made possible by using fuel alternatives that are clean and graded under renewable energy.

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