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Is africa under economic siege? A look at the last slavery on the face of Africa


Date Posted: 3/4/2018 2:34:44 AM

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Many scholars do agree that there is no universal definition when it comes to imperialism.Various definitions have been advanced among st the key,
a) Lenin who says that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism.
b)William L. Langer says "imperialism in a sense ,synonymous with the appropriation by the western nations of the largest part of the rest of the world.
c)Therefore in simple terms imperialism can be deduced as the monopoly stage of capitalism.It is the domination of one territory by the other .This dominion can be inform of economic domination of which my article focuses on.

In the recent decades Africa has experienced a most awful series of events across its continent.Major world players have made a progress in advancing their economic Libido through various underhand methods but all this in the name of Grants,aid.While all this is a matter of reaping valuable flesh and leaving Africa a skeleton with no stand.Recent booming of Western and eastern powers across the continent is a show that Africa will soon be overtaken and overthrown in its own soil.How is this being advanced
i) Our leaders sit down in night meetings and tossing wine to and fro in the name of economic treaties ,grants,development impact agenda and more worse drafting for us our own Millennium development agenda in their own context.
ii) The debt crisis affecting major African countries is a creation of western powers to regain their dominion and expand their territories and soon a more worse scenario,a slavery unknown is going to be seen across Africa.Slaves in their own land.
iii) The foreign flags being blown across Africa is a clear example that Africa has its owner who sits in a control room and control its own destiny the way it so wishes.
iv) The wars fought in Africa are not of the African origin but

western and Asian origin under the guise of planting despots to rule in their stead.
v)The rebirth and merger of capitalism and and communism is carried out on African soil and who knows when it started happening.African leaders are key in this merger as way of killing communism and African soil will be the burial place for the end of communism

In simple terms Africa has reached a stage where we feed and put food on the table at the mercy of western and eastern powers ,it is a time when most African territories are being sold in the name of economic empowerment.
We are made to believe that we are advancing and growing i.e through scholarship,creation of second hand jobs, the question i rest my case with: who owns Africa? help me am a visitor in Jerusalem

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