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Conservation of trees in Kenya


Date Posted: 3/18/2018 1:13:44 AM

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Trees are a very important part of creation. Without them an environmental crisis occurs. When we look at the government of Kenya. The four pillars are the agenda of their development, which are food security, health, good housing and manufacturing but all these will not be possible if we do not take care of our trees. This is because all these will be possible if there is adequate water. But as we speak, right now there is no enough water in our country and this has been caused in a large way by cutting of trees. People are cutting trees for burning charcoal, timber and so on and the people who are supposed to protect these trees are taking bribes, and as a result our rivers are slowly becoming streams. No wonder it is so hard to conserve trees and that’s why there is an environmental crisis in Kenya. And since I think we now get the picture of how trees are an important part of our environment, below are some of the recommendations that we can practice to save our trees:

1. People need to be well educated on how to take care of our environment. If you ask many of them any thing to do with conservation, they are at a loss of words. All they know is that they need charcoal to cook and that they need timber to build their houses. They need to be educated on how trees, rainfall, food,drought and so on, are interrelated. Ignorance is simply what is killing our forests.

2. As there are organizations that deal with taking care of trees, they need to be well funded so as to enable them to go about their business without any problems. Zeal alone will not help but what is needed is zeal and funds

to be able to carry out whatever tasks are needed in order to save our trees.

3. Incentives need to be introduced in order to encourage people to plant tress. For example it can be decided that if one plants a certain number of trees they will be rewarded, may be financially or given equipment that will help them further conserve trees, like gas cooker, so that now they will not cut trees to burn charcoal.

4. Those with permits to cut down trees need to be given new rules that if you cut trees, you should plant, not one but two or three. Failure to which their permit will be canceled.
The government needs to be firm with what it says concerning conservation of trees. Because it is not that there are not rules that are there, it is only that the government is lenient with the offenders. We know it is possible for rules and regulations to be followed as we have seen it in several sectors such as matatu industry, education sector, and even in the environment sector when plastic bags were banned. So it is very possible for rules to be followed, if only the government can take its stand and be firm.

5. Commercial plantations need to be leased for them to be used for timber and charcoal so as to leave natural forests alone. And remember even in those commercial plantations. The rule of cut one, plant two will also apply.

6. The environment sector should encourage and come up with ways of adapting other sources of energy such as bio gas. Other cheap but durable building materials can also be introduced instead of timber, just to mention but a few.

In addition, trees are very important in so many other ways as some of them have medicinal benefits like deworming, curing tooth ache, stomach aches, colds and so many other diseases, so if we conserve them, we will be doing our selves a great favor.

Finally, let us not think about whether the international community is doing something to deal with global warming , let us start with ourselves and the rest will follow because if we do this we will be serving ourselves, and the planet as well.

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