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How to Understand Well During a Lesson


Date Posted: 6/1/2018 4:26:36 AM

Posted By: STEPHKIMOTHO  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 402

Have you ever been to a lesson and you get to figure out that you are grasping almost nothing during the lesson? Worst of it is when you come to the dreadful realization that you know nothing of what was taught during the lesson. The big questions are: What brings to that? What should you do? How do you react to that?

First and foremost, we need to have a clear mind before attending any lesson. We know that a saturated solution is one that cannot dissolve any more solutes simply because it has reached its saturation point. This is the same case which applies to our mind. If before we attend a lesson we have filled our mind with many unnecessary details, then the mind becomes saturated. It reaches its saturation point .The mind decides enough is enough! No more! At that point it becomes very hard for the mind to grasp anything that is taught in the class. This simply means that we should make sure that we have no personal stress before attending a lesson. All thoughts not related to the lesson we are to attend should be left outside the classroom.

Secondly, we need to know the exact time when the lesson will take place. You might be wondering, why is this necessary? This is so that we can prepare our mind to expect certain information at a particular time of the day. However if we attend a lesson just suddenly without having planned on the time or even late, this brings confusion to our mind.

Thirdly,we need to familiarize ourselves with where the lesson will take place. Is it in the normal classroom or has the venue been changed? This is essential because once a venue for a particular lesson is changed without your knowledge,

this might bring confusion to your mind once you attend the lesson. The sudden change of environment can bring a lot of confusion to you.

We need also to make to sure that we get the whole idea of what the teacher or lecture is intending to teach before the lesson starts. Having known what we expect,we should then carry out a little research concerning the topics to be taught and familiarize ourselves with the terminologies to be used. This helps to prepare your mind very well such that once the teacher or lecture introduces a new topic to teach, it is already registered in your mind and therefore you take less time to understand various concepts that are being taught. However if one does not read for particular topics before they are taught, then it becomes very hard for them to understand during the lesson simply because their mind is struggling to understand the foreign concepts that are being taught.

We need to make sure that we avoid as much as possible all possible sources of distractions during the lesson as these can have a negative impact on our understanding capabilities. The distractions could be:friends,mobile phone ringing,being on social media etc.This leads to great loss during a lesson since an individual's mind becomes divided. They are not themselves anymore. They tend to have a divided attention. Through this,it becomes almost impossible to get to understand what is taught in a lesson.

Lastly,make sure that you get to know the teacher or lecture who is to teach the subject. This is in case he or she gets changed. This could bring confusion to your mind since their teaching styles could be different. Getting to now the teacher helps you prepare yourself n their style of teaching.

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