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Getting to Understand the Purpose of Your Life as a Student and How To Achieve it


Date Posted: 6/1/2018 3:39:06 AM

Posted By: STEPHKIMOTHO  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 402

We all have only one life. Life is something that once gone cannot be restored back. Also ,we cannot live twice.We only live once.The big question we need to ask ourselves is ,what dreams do I have in my life? What do I wish to achieve at the end of my life? Have you ever thought to yourself what impact you have on your one life and that of others. Actually we should all dream to make a difference in the world. Let us not just live with no purpose in life. Let us live in such way that one we die, others will ask themselves this question,"Now that he or she is gone, what shall we do?"

Therefore, we need to live a life with a purpose.First and foremost, we need to realize that we have have to do soul searching. This getting to know and understand your spiritual background. Re-uniting yourself with your God. This is essential in the life of every person. Secondly,you need to take a deep breath and accept the situation that you are at the current moment. Come to your senses. Do not try to lie to yourself or not to accept the fact that you may have made wrong choices in your life. Accept things as they are. Knowing yourself and accepting yourself the way you are is a great way to appreciate who you are and the far you have come from.

Then,believe that there is still a chance to make up for the wrong choices you have made in your life. Write the wrong choices you made in you life on a piece of paper.Look at them keenly and ask yourself what made you to make those choices. Come up with resolutions for each one of them and decide enough is enough.

This will help you empty yourself of all negativity and make you make the decision to have a start over. Then burn the paper and believe that things have become a new. Believe that the past is gone and that now you have a good chance to change your life and live with a purpose. Bury the hatchet. Make the decision to excel. Make the decision to work hard. Decide that never again will you sleep in class or lazy around.

Now look keenly at yourself and ask yourself where some years down the line you would wish to find yourself in. Obviously you want to be great person with a success story behind them. Look at what interests you the most. Where do your passions lie?Is it law,medicine,engineering etc. This passions and desires can form a backbone to revealing where your line of success lies and what you can be very good and effective at. This simply means that you have to set your goals based on what interests you the most. Set smart goals in life which are good and achievable.

Next is that you need to know about the power of the mind and how the thoughts we have play a great role in determining who we are and who we shall become. After getting to know where your interest lie,you need to believe in yourself that you can make it in life.Have positive thoughts that it is possible to achieve your desires and that you will make it. By doing that you have already registered in your mind what it should work for.You have already installed a life compass in your mind concerning where it should lead you to. Start saying words like, I will make it!I will succeed!I will be the best doctor,engineer!You need to write those dreams on a piece of paper and attach them to your desk or your books. This is to make sure that they will always be next to you and to ensure that you will always think about your dreams.

You should then come up with a strategy to make sure you achieve the goals and dreams that you have set for yourself. First and foremost,Get to know the requirements for any particular field of profession or way of life you have chosen. Write down the requirements and say to yourself that not working hard enough to achieve them, should seem to you as committing an academic suicide. Work smart and let the desire for your dreams motivate you. Whenever challenges and various difficulties seem to emerge in your life, think of your dreams and goals and that will help to keep you going.

Make sure that you learn to choose your friends intelligently. Remember that birds of the same feather flock together and that bad company corrupts good morals.Not all people can be your friends. Learn to get to know people more before making them your friends. Do not allow negative people to be your friends. This is because they will feed your mind with negative ideas telling you how impossible your dreams are and how wrong you are. Look for positive friends who encourage you to pursue you dreams. Its better to have few friends who promote positive influence in you rather than to have a host many negative friends who have a negative impact on your life.

Learn also to seek the advice of experts of a particular field of study that you are interested in. By associating yourself with them, you tend to desire to become more like them and even better. That will motivate you to work hard and will create a positive desire within you to aim higher.

In conclusion,we all have to know that we are on earth for a purpose. We need to have an impact on our own lives and that of others. That is our responsibility.

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