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Reuniting the lost love


Date Posted: 3/5/2013 10:21:35 PM

Posted By: Brendah Aroko  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 3317

I used to wonder how people would break up and then afterwards fall in love more than the first time. It is the case in many relationships nowadays and this sounds strange to me because I have never thought of anything of the sort.

Is it because people get too attached to each other and they probably feel that they can't live without each other? Maybe I watch many movies because I see even divorcees getting back together and some even remarry. I think this is because after spending several years together and having kids together creates a strong bond that proves impossible to break.

Better the devil you know than an angel you don't know. This saying also bears a lot of weight on the issue of reuniting couples. I think some people move on with their lives too soon after a break up and they start getting into relationships with other people pretty soon too. This makes them realize that their former spouses were much more better or rather bearable then those they are dating. We all have weaknesses but some people can't stand some habits from their spouses and so they feel that they would rather go back to their former spouses whose habits they can stand.

Love is a strong feeling that can turn things around in a manner you don't imagine. When you feel so much rage and hatred towards someone you find that just a lame or simple explanation wipes the rage away and encourages forgiveness towards each other. What matters most in any form of relationship is communication because if you don't express your thoughts through words then no one will know what you want and this is the reason why psychologists suggest that a couple should set aside some time to interact.

Asking for clarification is

also a factor of reuniting couples. This is because if you feel offended by another person's actions and you don't ask for clarification from them, you feel your mind with doubts and mistrust which drives away the love you had for each other. Getting the true picture of things actually allows people to forgive each other and some people actually realize that they were the ones who were actually on the wrong. The idea of trust also plays a major role in the reuniting process because if you lack some level of trust in your spouse it means that even if he or she tries to explain things to you, you'll not trust them.

Time is a healer is also a phrase that brings to mind the issue of taking time away from each other so that the tension may cool and so that the heart may grow fonder. This absence makes the two spouses rethink their actions so that they find it easier to accept their faults and own up to them. This is good and contributes to the process of forgiveness which is essential for relationships.

Choosing to forget other people's faults and letting go of the anger is good for the heart. If you keep on repeating the other person's fault over and over to them every time is not healthy for your relationship. This acts as manipulation because the other person will not love you willingly but will feel subjected because of the guilt and blackmail when you keep telling them what they did in the past. Choosing to hold on to the past also causes mistrust and you end up being pulled more and more apart.

In some cases especially when one spouse feels better than the other or when they look down on the other spouse, they find it hard to accept it when after they separate the other person's relationship works out so well with their new spouses. This is why some people try to reclaim their lost love from their prosperous relationship because of jealousy or ego. Men especially feel like for their ex to move on, it hits hard on their ego while women become jealous. So what can be done in order to avoid all these break ups and reunions is cherishing the one you have while he or she is still around. Trusting each other and learning to forgive the other person's shortcomings will prevent some of these break ups to a great extent.

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