Business Communication In Office Management Question Paper

Business Communication In Office Management 

Course:Certificate In Business Management

Institution: Kenya Institute Of Management (Kim) question papers

Exam Year:2011

1. Write your Index number in the space provided in the answer booklet
2. Answer any five questions.
3. Ad questions carry equal marks.
4. NO. Writing should be done on this question paper.
5. Candidates who break KIM examination Rules and Regulations or commit any malpractice will be DISQUALIFIED.
1.Allbright Lid produces a range of electrical equipment for the motor industry. Recently, Allbright received a letter from a new company called Electrans which offered to become its regular supplier of some of the components Allbright needs to build its products. The letter was successful and Allbright put in their first order from Electrans ten days ago.

Compose the letter thai Rectrans sent to Allbright which persuaded Allbright to put in an order. You will need tojnvcrU details about Electrans, about what it can supply, the cost and any other details you think will help. (20 marks)

2.You arc a secretary in a company called Cartcch. One Monday you return from lunch to find a memorandum on your desk from your boss. The memorandum reads as follows “have to go out-chairman called urgent meeting-unlikely back for 2.30-cancel Johnson, try Thursday a.m. Global Ind. need fax confirm last order details out-tray. Letters to Obiwan 8 Telmos draft in file. Must go today. PP them if not back in time. Put Allbright file on desk-need later. Clear Fri p.m. in dairy"-no appts mon, change at discretion. Expect back about 4.
a) Write out this memorandum in full, in correct English, making its meaning fully clear. (14 marks)
b) Does the presentation of this memorandum create any potential barriers to communication? If so what arc they and how can the}' be overcome? (2 marks)
c) Identify any other different situation in which a memo would be the most appropriate form of communication to use. (4 marks)

3. a) Upward communication is very useful but very difficult. Could you suggest any five methods of increasing its effectiveness? (10 marks)
b) Explain any five advantages of forming committees within an organization.
(10 marks) I
4. a) Explain five ways mat can make telephone communication effective. (10 marks)
b) Write short notes on the uses of the following:
i. E-mail
ii. Telex
iii. Fax
iv. Telephone answering machine (10 marks)

5. a) Explain five types of business reports. (10 marks)
b) Describe five steps which should be taken in the preparation of a report. (10 marks)
6. a) Briefly define the term "delegation" (2 marks)
b) Explain four guiding principles for effective delegation. (8 marks)
c) "Administrative management is that function within the organization with responsibility for the overall operations of the firm". Discuss (10 marks)
7. a) Discuss the principles of Office layout? (10 marks)
b) Discuss five advantages and five disadvantages of a large open plan office layout
(10 marks)
8. a) Filing is important in any business set up. Explain any five essentials of a good filing system. (10 marks)
b) Explain any five advantages of filing. (10 marks)

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