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Comp 101:Introduction To Computer Applications Question Paper

Comp 101:Introduction To Computer Applications 

Course:Bachelor Of Science

Institution: Laikipia University question papers

Exam Year:2015

INSTRUCTIONS: section A is compulsory and has 30marks. Attempt any two questions in section B. Each question has 20marks.
1.a) What is a computer? (2 marks)
b) Differentiate between input devices and output devices. Give two examples of each (4 marks)
c) Differentiate between primary memory and secondary memory (2 marks)
d) How can computers be categorised according to how they represent numbers? (6 marks)
e) With the aid of a diagram,describe the basic operation of a computer (8marks)
f) Discuss the three types of software (6 marks)
g) What is a computer network? (2 marks)
2.a)Explain the following terms: (6 marks)
i) internet
ii) URL
iii) Browser
b)Explain any two types of service offered through the internet (4marks)
c)Differentiate between 1GHz and 1 GB. (2 marks)
d) Write A.L.U in full and explain its functions. (2marks)
e)Explain the system star up process (6marks)
3.a)Differentiate between data and information (4 marks)
b) Explain four qualities of good information (4marks)
c) What is an information system (2 marks)
d) What is a network topology? (2 marks)
e) With the aid of a diagram, explain any two types of topologies (6 marks)
f) Differentiate between a LAN and a WAN (2marks)
4.a)Explain the difference between software and hardware (2 marks)
b) What is an operating system? (2 marks)
c) Explain any three functions of the operating system (6 marks)
d) What is the difference between an impact and non impact prinyer? Give one example of each. (3 marks)
e) Why is RAM said to be volatile? (1 mark)
f) Explain three advantages of computers (6 marks)
5.a) What is a malware? (2 marks)
b) Explain any two types of malware (4 marks)
c) List four measures that you can take to prevent malware (4 marks)
d) Discuss any five social implications of the internet (10marks)

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