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University Of Eldoret Past Exams Question Papers

Find University Of Eldoret past papers here. Feel free to use all the available model question papers as your prepare for your examinations.
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Environmental Hazards Cat
Eco 111: Introduction To Microeconomics
Cim 211: Educational Media And Resources
Cim 230: Curriculum Development
Edh 220: History Of Africa Since 1884
Edr 212: Islam 1
Edr 213 : Introduction To The Bible
Edk 202: Theories And Analysis Of Kiswahili Literature
Bbm 202:Principles Of Marketing
Epm 310: Water Resources Planning And Management
Esc 401 : Industrial And Applied Che Mistry
Che 310 : Chemistry Of S- And -P Block Elements
Com111; Computer Applications 1
Hor 431:Exotic Vegetable Production And Management .
Hor 420:Fruit Crops
Hor; 420 :Fruit Crops.
Bot 111:Basic Botany Ii
Abt 334:Tissue Culture Techniques
Abe 293: Soil Erosion And Management
Hor 431: Exotic Vegetable Production And Management.
Abt 334 :Tissue Culture Techniques And Practices
Abe 483/Abe 481: Farm Structures
Abe 483/Abe 481 :Farm Structures.
Ird 102:Communication Skills 11
Ede 211:Origin And Development Of English Language.
Edf 210 :Philosophy Of Education
Psy 210 : General Educational Psychology
Ans 325: Ruminant And Non-Ruminant Production
Edl 222 : Literature Education
Ede 210: Second Language Acquisition