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My aspirations for Kenya after 50th birthday celebration


Date Posted: 12/12/2013 11:06:48 PM

Posted By: Makara  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 415

It’s now 50 years after independence and Kenya is now 50 years old. It is a day like today Kenya achieved freedom of governance, freedom from interference from making its own decisions. All over Kenya people are singing Happy Birthday Kenya. Now that we have marked this edition, it’s upon us now to figure out where we would like Kenya to be in the next 50 years. Everybody has His or Her own opinion on this. But all opinions are aimed at making Kenya a better place for all of us as Kenyans.

For the coming years as a patriotic Kenyan citizen, I would like a lot of positive things to happen to the Kenyan soil. I would like Kenya to become a place to be proud of. A place that attracts a large number of investors and most important a conducive place for all.

Kenya is our country, our motherland, our mentor, our place of refuge. Actually our Home. We might travel to far places, adopt different cultures, and speak different languages. But I want to affirm you that there will be no other motherland apart from Kenya. This leaves us with no other option apart from coming together and making Kenya a good place for all.

As Kenyans we are charged with the responsibility of making Kenya achieve its goals and objectives. This will be achieved through our daily deeds. Positive deeds will act as an elevator to Kenya realizing and achieving its goals. I am convinced behold reasonable doubt that the coming years will be years of consistent success for people of Kenya and Kenya as a whole. As a sovereign country full of educated and learned people with substantial and productive ideas for development and success I can bet that Kenya will achieve much in the coming years.


has different perception and version of Kenyan Aspirations in the coming years. In the near future the following are my aspirations for my beautiful country Kenya:

1) I long for Kenya whereby it will be difficult to tell this individual comes from certain tribe. Tribalism is the killer of success in a country aspiring to make a forward move in realization of its millennium goals. Kenya being made of more than 40 tribes, I would like to see these tribes incorporated to be one tribe which will be THE KENYAN TRIBE. This will be a great move for the country to achieve its resolutions.

2) I would love to see a country without corruption. A corrupt free zone is the country I long for Kenya to be. Corruption is the master killer of success in any country. A time when corruption will be dealt with amicably, when cases of corruption will cease to exist, when corruption will be past, when No one will even smell corruption from whatever direction it is the time when Kenya will rise up above all other nations and propel to higher level.
Corruption is a colossal acid inside the Kenyans stomach screwing them up hence hindering any positive development within the country. It is the real test for Kenya to achieve its set goals and objectives. One day this animal will cease to exist in Kenya.

3) I long for the Kenya where the gap between the (Economically Humbled) poor and the rich will be shortened. The rich people are the controllers of our Economy. The rich do not want to be associated with the Economically Humbled individuals. I would love to see in the near future a slight or not much difference between the rich and the poor. I would love to see the rich intermingle freely with the Economically Humbled. This will be a positive transformation of the country. Hence a step forward in achieving it’s goals.

4) I would love to see good integration and interaction between Kenya and other countries. It is said that you cannot get to the top of a tree unless use the ladder. No country whatsoever, however powerful will shine without the help of the neighboring countries. Or get some help from other countries. It has never happened and will Never Happen. Therefore in the near future I would love to see Kenya relating well with all other countries in the world.

5) I would love to see a better Kenya than it is today. I don’t intend to mean Kenya is not a good place to be, but I mean a more improved Kenya.

With much said and little done, Kenya will never move even a notch higher. But with implementation of every suggestion aimed to positively improve the standards of Kenya, will make Kenya a good, conducive place to be. I love Kenya.
Kenya is my Motherland, and the only place I know I can walk, run sleep do anything substantial without distraction, since it’s my motherland meaning am entitled to be part and parcel of the beautiful country Kenya.
Let all arise and make Kenya a good place for us all.

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